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FREE Fast Shipping on U.S. orders over $50+


We are back!! Happy hump day beauties! Today were bragging and showing off our fly bundles that we launched just a few weeks back. You may have seen our lashes sold individually and in sets but now we have our bundle option as well as select bundles of our best selling styles that everyone needs. :)

Lets start off with our regular bundle packs.. We noticed many of you desire a specific styles and purchase multiple before they sell out (which we totally understand, because same), but now we give you the option of selecting 1-2-3 lashes in the bundle. This actually allows you to save money rather than if you were to keep adding the same style to your cart. You can purchase most of our styles in packs, as you will see the image below showing where you click. We know that buying in bulk can always be a better plan of attack but you may as well save some money while shopping, and no this does not mean you are subscribed to anything, you just get to save your money.

Not only can you save money on lashes in bundles, but we also offer select bundles that we designed with you in mind (as always). We know there are many styles to choose from and it can be hard to know what to start off with with your first purchase from Lavaa, so we created our 6 signature bundles. We offer duo and trio sets ranging more dramatic to more natural and wispy. The perk of these bundles are that they also include our Latex-Free Lash Adhesive! These are a double win because you get everything you want for under $80 which is the definition of game changing, in my opinion..

Our items really are luxurious and made with our consumers in mind, as you all are more like family to us since you have brought us up so why not give you the best deals and products possible? We can't wait for all of you to be able to get your hands on these, and trust me there is a lot more of where that came from! ;) Be sure to tag us on all of our Social Media's as we love to repost and show our love back to you! Sending love your way!


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