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Huda Lashes

Social media is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool businesses use today and when it is used right it can help catapult any company to instant fame. Such is the case with Huda Kuttan, known as the Huda Beauty on social media. Huda has cultivated nearly 8 million followers over time, enough to help her launch her own line of beauty products, which have become wildly popular Middle East and are now sold in major retailers such as Sephora. You no doubt have heard about the false eyelashes she offers in her line but you will find that our line of false lashes has everything to offer you in the best look possible.

Made From the Best Materials

The false eyelashes that we offer at Lavaa Lashes are made from the best quality materials today. Our lashes are made from the finest mink hair available. Mink has proven to be a fantastic choice for lashes since they provide a much more natural look than what you will get from many of the eyelashes made from synthetic materials. The mink hair will provide you with thick and lush lashes that go well beyond what many other brands have to offer today. The lashes help to accentuate the look of your eyes and can really allow them to standout well for any special occasion. Huda Lashes

Choosing the Right Brand

As popular as Huda lashes may be with many people today because of their marketing and lower price, the lashes are made with synthetic fibers and are not made of natural hair. Our lashes provide you with real mink hair and the exclusive 3D mink lashes that we offer can give you the beautiful and dramatic look you want for your eyes for that night out, special party or event like a wedding. Many of our lashes are also stackable so that you can experience an even fuller look to your lashes to really make a statement.

Get the Look You Want

Even though Huda lashes remain quite popular, when you want the best lashes to accentuate your make-up and outfit see our wonderful selection of lashes at We at Lavaa Lashes take great pride in the products that we have created and we offer a variety of different las types that can be perfect for any occasion. Once you try our lashes for yourself you will see that they are the best choice for you.
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