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Gift Guide: How to Find the Right Eyelashes For Your Girlfriend

It’s very important to remember that false lashes, like any other beauty item, is not one-size-fits-all. In a similar way in which every lipstick and every foundation isn’t the same, each pair of false eyelashes has a distinct look that will appeal to different styles and personalities. This means that just like your girlfriend probably has specific lipstick colors she likes to use, she probably also has a preference in regards to her false lashes. In order to help you find the right pair for her, here are a few tips for when you are looking for eyelashes online as a gift.

Style and Personality

Time to figure out how your girlfriend’s style and personality impact her choice of false lashes. This might seem a little subjective or hard to determine, but we are here to give it a try. First, it’s important to know about the different aesthetic factors that each pair of false lashes has and how they each impact the overall look of the person wearing them. This will be very important at the time of getting false lashes as a present. You want to show to her that you know her, that you pay attention to her preferences and to her daily style choices. Do you really want to be that partner who can’t remember their girlfriend’s style choices. Here’s a starter

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Some false lashes are meant to be more of a complement to a person’s natural ones. Others are specifically made to stand out, delivering a confidently bold look. You can think about it as the difference between a natural makeup look and a full face of makeup. Density will be a key factor in determining whether a pair of lashes is meant to blend in or stand out. The more dense false lashes are, the more hair they will have and the more they will stand out. If your girlfriend is one to like bolder looks, then try to find a pair of denser lashes so that they stand out. If she tends to prefer more subtle makeup looks, find ones that will complement her own lashes with a lower density.

Shape and Curl

Once again, the shape and curl of the lashes you should get will end up depending on the style. Some will have more of a fluff to them through a more defined volume, while others are meant to provide definition more than anything. Some will have more of a wispy, pixie-like length and others will follow more natural arches. At the time of choosing a pair, it will be important to know what the future wearer tends to go for in terms of the shape and the curl. Is she going for a more dramatic look or for something more casual? Take a look at her style and determine whether she tends to go for more lush makeup or for more subtle. Does she like both? If you take this into account, you are sure to find the best pair of eyelashes for her own personal style.

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