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Hi babes! We're back this week with a new LAUNCH!! We extended our collections and perfected our famous FAUX Collection. We know many of you have been on the hunt for the perfect faux lashes with a 3D look and the corner lashes of your dream to get that perfect foxy eye look. Here they are in all of their glory! We are going to share our favorites with you here for you to easily decide which is your new favorite style.

Lets start off with our Faux Collection because we now have some of our best selling Mink lashes in Faux! Our Angelic, Badass, Devilish, Flirty, Promiscuous and Sweetheart are all now available in Faux. Not only do we have some of our best sellers in faux but we also have NEW styles that are easily mistaken as actual mink due to their wispiness and volume. Lets all take a moment for our Honey and Savage... These styles are absolutely ICONIC because Honey is a fuller and wispier version of our Jolie style with its natural clusters but it has more layers to easily blend with your natural lashes. Our Savage lash is perfect for our extra girls looking to boss up their everyday glam with its extra long lashes and medium volume to accent your full glam.

Now for our Petite Collection additions.. We know corner lashes have taken 2021 by storm with the fox eye trend and the need for a more natural and elevated eye look. We decided to give our #lavaababes what they have been waiting for. We are known for our Famous Venomous style which was our original corner lash and decided to create a more natural version with a shorter lash length called Foxy. We also included a few other styles that are half lashes, where the lash bands are a little bit longer to cover more of your lash line. They are called Catty, Dainty, Darling, and Precious. If you are more of a natural babe, then we would recommend our Dainty since it literally blends right in with your natural lashes because of its separated clusters and natural length, as well as our Precious which has a shorter lash but a medium volume that closely resembles a classic set of lash extensions.

We have added a bunch of new lashes, and yes we did add a few styles to our Luxury collection that are a little EXTRA and we can't wait to get into them more with the holidays coming up! They are called Majestic and Bombshell and they are so long and so stunning on the eye. But more about that later ;). We want to know which of these styles you are going to rock this fall/winter? We can't wait to change up our style for the next season! Make sure to follow us on social media and our newsletter to get our exclusive deals on our best selling items. We love you guys, and as always, make sure to tag us in your photos using our items. Until next time, stay glam babes!



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