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Our Individual lashes are unmatched because of their reusability and 4 essential lengths ranging from 8-14mm supplying you with a 60-piece set. The benefit of our
individuals is to create a look to your liking and have full creative control day to day. Just an added bonus, our luxury packaging can be used to store the lashes once you're done wearing them, making for the best organization and reusability. These lashes are in cluster form to easily apply and remove to
keep in good condition for the next use. You can create a simple catty winged-out look or build it up with more lashes making for a fuller look. Make sure to avoid using mascara on them to allow for more uses!


60 Pieces

    •15 x 8mm    |    15 x 10mm    |    15 x 12mm    |    15 x 14mm

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