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7 Trendy Short Press On Nails To Keep You in Style All Winter

Want the convenience of new nails without going out into the cold for a manicure? Short press-on nails have never made it easier to freshen up your nail game while staying warm inside. You can find lasting nails that let you look great and let you change them whenever you want.

There are tons of great press-on nails to choose from, it almost becomes overwhelming. Don't get paralyzed by choice when looking for nails. If you stick to these styles your nails will be fresh and in fashion.

1. Mad for Metallic

If you want some of the best short nails that make the most of a small space, metallic is in and not going anywhere. Try a gold or silver glossy look to add some flash to your nails. They will give you some extra glamour without being too long and in the way of day-to-day things.

You can wear metallic nails to fit a fashion look or while you finish up holiday shopping. Glamourous nails have never been more in style and this look supports that trend. And if you're feeling more adventurous, try a different color for your metallic looks, like a multicolor nail or deep blue or red.

2. Matte Matters

Matte is in this winter when you're looking for real short press on nails. It keeps your look classy and simple, but still very chic. You can go for matte neutrals or more flashy colors like this deep red for the holiday season.

And if you really want to liven up your nails in a subtle way, try the latest trend of matte nails with glossy tips. This looks adds some more texture to your nails and will give them a subtle, sophisticated look. You can match the colors closely to add an artsy feel that people won't notice right away.

3. Glorious Glitter

With extra short press on nails, you're working with limited real estate. Getting complicated designs isn't always the best or easiest option.

One trend that allows your nails to shine, without too much fuss, is glitter. Chunky glitter polish gives your nails a dynamic and exciting look, without requiring any complicated additions or extra cost.

For short press on nails, you can find all kinds of colors and looks that will fit in this winter. Think icy glitters like silver and rose gold to complement other colors you wear.

4. Lipstick Tip

Are you looking for a cutting-edge look? The shape of the nail tip isn't always a trend, but this season you can shape yours to fit the latest look. The lipstick tip nail is filed diagonally to have a blunt more avant-garde look.

You can achieve this look with all kinds of nails, including press-on nails. If you have short coffin press on nails or square ones you can easily reshape them to fit this look. And if you don't like it, you can change them to another shape more easily than filing your own nails.

5. Cool Colors

This winter, cooler colors are in. Think jewel tones in blues and greens. You can also go lighter for a powder blue or any snowy color. If you want a more striking look you can also try on short white press-on nails.

Sticking to cooler colors will give your nails pop, without being too loud like neon colors. You can also use cooler colors to mix and match other trends. Try a cooler glitter shade or blue nails with a lipstick tip.

6. Colorful Tips

The French tip has yet to go out of style, and now some of the best short press on nails are experimenting with how it's defined. This winter, try using color for your french tip instead of the typical neutral nail and white tip. Go with a neutral nail and blue or green tip and see how your nails rock the new look.

You can even go with a neon tip to add some color back into your life when the outside is grey and cold. Adding just a splash to the end of your nail lets you be playful in a more subtle way. You can look fun and flirty while still being professional and put together at the office.

7. Patterns and Prints

If you want the feeling of a fancy manicure but still want to stick with press-on nails, you can find tons of upcoming styles with patterns and prints. The styles that are in this winter are marble, floral, and geometric patterns. These give you a lot to choose from and can fit almost any style.

You can channel spring and summer with some floral nails, either through a pattern or real flowers pressed into the nails. And with geometric styles, you can keep it subtle and use neutrals and spots, or go big with a more vibrant and bold design. There are plenty of options that will keep you in style and rocking a new look at the same time.

Short Press On Nails in Now

The beauty of short press on nails is that you can wear them to do almost anything, and your sense of style doesn't have to fall short. And when you want a new look, they're simple to change so you can keep your nails looking on point.

By following these style ideas your nails will be the talk of the town, should you choose to leave your home and brave the winter outside. And these nail options are just the tip of the iceberg, so start shopping and get ready to impress.

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