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All Eyes on Lavaa Lashes Delicate Lash

Currently at Lavaa Lashes we’re obsessing over the Delicate Lash. It’s our most natural look of the 3D mink lashes collection, making it a perfect every day lash. We love to wear this look to work, on our Zoom calls, running errands, and absolutely everything in between. It’s just a beautiful yet effortless look that we can’t get enough of!

3D mink lashes

3D Mink Lashes

Lavaa Lashes is known for our lush, 3D mink eyelashes that come in tons of styles to fit any occasion. In 2021, we’ve really been loving our Petite 3D Mink Lashes collection. With going out and socializing still being a hard task, the minimalist, natural look has been super fun to roll with. The Petite 3D Mink Lashes collection includes Cute, Delicate, and Modest

The Cute lash is a light to medium lash that provides a natural look with a bit of glam on top. It’s perfect for days when you want a little extra oomph but still an everyday, go-to style. This is our favorite lash to wear when meeting clients, going out for semi-formal occasions, and showing off our minimalist side on Instagram. The heavier wing on the Cute lash accentuates the shape of your eyes as it’s shorter on the inner corner and longer near the out the outer corner. It’s the perfect lash for a cat-eye and full brows!

Modest and Delicate Lashes For Every Outing and Days At Home

Even on days where we get to lounge around at home it can be a big confidence boost to wear our Delicate lashes. Petite 3D Mink Lashes don’t require any special event or circumstance, just a gorgeous set of eyes! 

The Modest lash is a fuller, medium style that has dense, mink lashes. While these lashes are still very full, they’re shorter than our regular 3D mink lashes. We love wearing these when we have on bold eyeshadow colors as they accentuate the colors rather than steal the show. Although, we do attest that just about every lash we offer has the potential to steal the show.

As mentioned before, the Delicate lash is our most natural lash. Sometimes after putting them on we cannot even remember if we applied our lashes or if our natural ones are just looking extra Sexy. One of the perfect uses for the Delicate lash is if you’re leaning towards a more natural look on your wedding day. These soft and lush lashes are perfect for outdoor, nature focused wedding photos. Be sure to pick up a few sets for your bridesmaids as well! 

Your New Makeup Routine Staple 

The Petite 3D Mink Lashes collection is the set you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without. From just a little confidence boost on a lazy day to wearing them on your wedding day, these lashes will quickly become a makeup routine staple for any and every occasion. 


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