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Another Day, Another Lash Look in Your Lashbook

Whether you want to add volume to your eyelashes or you simply want to create some drama, a lash set is a great way to make your eyes pop. They help take your look to the next level and give you the extra glow-up you want.

However, with so many lash trends to choose from, it can be tough to figure out what the best eyelashes are to add to your collection! After all, you want to choose the perfect lash set for the occasion so you can create stunning looks.

To help you out, we've put together a quick collection of amazing eyelash looks to add to your lash book. Check out these styles and get ready to make your eyelashes a real wow factor!

How to Apply Falsies Like a Pro

Before we dive into different eyelash styles, let's talk about how to apply eyelashes like a professional. Regardless of whether you're applying mink lashes or another style, with practice and the right tips and tricks, you can apply even the trickiest of eyelashes.

First, hold the eyelashes using either a pair of tweezers or your fingers. Place a mirror below your chin so that you can look down at your lashes as you apply them, as opposed to the front on.

Next, make sure to keep your eyes open. This helps prevent your eyelids from crinkling and making the application process more difficult. And, it makes it easier to apply the glue.

When you're ready, apply the glue neatly don't the spine of the eyelash. Only use a small amount, and allow it to dry a little bit before applying it to your eyelash. This keeps the glue from smudging your makeup and helps it stick better.

Tips for Finding the Right Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

One of the most common false eyelash questions is "which eyelashes are right for me?" And, the answer is, it depends!

In order to determine the right type of eyelash for you, you'll need to know your eyelash shape. This will also help you figure out the best type of makeup for your eyelashes.

To help you determine your eyelash shape, you should look for a few different factors:

  • How much of your iris is obscured by the eyelid
  • Whether your eyes slant upwards or downwards at the sides
  • How much space rests between the eyes
  • Whether your eyelid is crease is visible when your eyes are open

These factors help you choose the perfect eye makeup and eyelash products for your look. And, it helps you decide whether you want to go for volume or length when choosing your eyelashes.

Celebrity Lash Styles to Add to Your Lash Look Book

So, now that you know how to apply falsies and what your eye shape is, it's time to check out a few eyelash looks to add to your lash book! Here are a few celebrity-inspired styles to try out.

The Beyoncé Look

Beyoncé has stunning almond eyes that are pointed at the ends and that widen out in the middle. This eye shape is perfect for just about any lash style. You can show off your eyes' unique shape by wearing voluminous eyelashes that have an even lash distribution to make your eyes really pop.

The Katy Perry Look

Katy Perry has round eyes that many of us would go crazy for. If you have her eye shape, you should use curly eyelashes that enhance your top eyelid and lift your natural lashes. If you use lashes that are too heavy, they'll make your beautiful big eyes look small, so avoid these looks.

The Eva Chen Look

People like Eva Chen who have epicanthic folds, or mono lids, are people with eyes that have skin that covers the upper eyelid with no visible crease. If you have this type of eyelid, you can wear eyelashes that are multi-layered, fluttery, and top-heavy. This will open your eye and make it pop!

The Michele Obama Look

Michele Obama has eyes that are close-set. That means that the space between her eyes is smaller than one eye's width. If you have this type of eye, you can focus on eyelashes that are longer on the outer edge. This will lift your eye outward and make your eyes look bigger.

The Nicole Kidman Look

Nicole Kidman's eyes are known as hooded eyes. This means that her eyelid isn't visible when their eyes are open. To make sure that your eyes don't get pulled down and shrunk, choose long and fluttery eyelashes.

The Taylor Swift Look

If you have upturned eyes like Taylor Swift, your eyes will work perfectly with a cat-eye style. You can achieve this look by using a half lash that's flared out in the outer corner of your eye. This gives you that long, luscious look you're going for.

The Olivia Palermo Look

Olivia Palermo is always wowing the crowd with her outstanding makeup. And, with her protruding eyes, she's got lots to show off. If you have eyes like Olivia you'll want to use dramatic, feathery eyelashes to make your eyes the center of attention.

The Natalie Portman Look

Natalie Portman has beautiful, deep-set eyes that are well tucked back under the brow. If you have eyes like this, you want to look for long lashes. The curlier they eyelash is, the bigger your eyes will end up looking.

Add These Styles to Your Lash Book

With so many different lash styles to choose from, you're ready to really step up your eyelash game. Add your favorite options out of these to your lash book and get ready to try them out on your next night out.

Do you need to order some falsies to achieve these amazing styles for your eyelash book? Shop Lavaa's collections and get all the eyelash styles you're looking for.

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