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Back to School Glam with Lavaa Lashes

This summer’s drama has been a “will they or won’t they” situation with the status of in-person schooling this Fall. Some districts will be completely online, some will be completely in person, and others are trying a hybrid in an attempt to combat the virus yet still have some return to normalcy. Whatever your school or university has determined, it’s still back-to-school season in the makeup department. Update your look this Fall with a new set of Angelic, Flirty, or Heartbreaker Lashes exclusively at Lavaa Lashes. 

Classes over Zoom? Distract your Fellow Classmates with Heartbreaker Lashes

You may be able to stay focused over a Zoom lecture but your classmates sure won’t when they see your gorgeous new pair of lashes. The Heartbreaker Lashes are a perfect back to school look as they set the tone for a focused yet fun semester. These 100% mink hairs are placed in v-shaped clusters making them dense and giving them full definition for true glam lovers. 

Heartbreaker Lashes are glam, though they can be dressed up or down depending on the rest of your look. Fortunately, masks aren’t required over Zoom meetings, meaning you can finally start showing off your best lip colors again. Heartbreaker Lashes pair incredibly well with pinks, nudes, and peachy-orange colors. These colors also happen to look great over Zoom. Sometimes, darker colors look too intense or smudged over a video call, though everyone wears makeup differently and we believe there’s no look too bold to show off, online or in person.      

In a Hurry? Perfect a Few Go-To Looks Before Class is in Session                     

There are only a few more weeks to go before school starts, which means it’s time to start practicing a few looks you can put together in a hurry. Usually, when we’re rushing to get out the door, or these days, just from our bed to our computer, we like to have 4-5 makeup staples set out the night before. Foundation or concealer, eyeshadow primer, shadow, lip color, and, of course, our Heartbreaker lashes. 

Rather than looking at our entire makeup collection, this helps narrow down exactly what we need for a quick, 10-minute beauty routine rather than starting our day overwhelmed. The best thing about Lavaa Lashes is they can be the only makeup you wear all-day if you’re looking for that effortlessly glam look. If applying your lashes, grabbing a cappuccino, and hitting the books sounds like the perfect school morning to you, then there’s a few Lavaa Beauty staples you need in your collection. 

The Petite 3D Mink Collection gives you the most natural look possible when wearing false lashes. Pairs like Cute mimic your natural lash hairs as the length increases from inner to outer corner. Though if you like a more voluminous look our Modest lashes are the perfect natural volume lashes for day or night. 

Stay Tuned for More Back-to-School Glam

You’ll be getting plenty of messages post-lecture asking where your lashes came from so be prepared to copy and paste the link to your favorite pair! If you’re not sure which ones are best for your back-to-school look, try one of our new sets, including the Heartbreaker lashes. They’re perfect for discovering your new go-to, first-semester look:

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