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Be Eye-Catching with Amazing Mink False Lashes

False lashes are one of the great secrets of the beauty industry, and they are popular with a whole range of users. The type of lashes that you wear can tell people a lot about your personality, and you can also get a boost of confidence by wearing really attractive mink eyelashes, which are a fashion statement at the moment and have dramatically increased in popularity over the last few years. We can offer you fantastic options when it comes to your mink lashes.

Something Light and Sophisticated with Mink Eyelashes

If you want eyelashes that look as close as possible to your own, then you want mink eyelashes, which are light and attractive. These are suitable for wearing during the day, and can look incredibly glamorous. As they are so light and sophisticated, they closely resemble your own lashes, and this makes them perfect for work wear or for a lunchtime social gathering. These are hardly noticeable, and yet give your eyes a much bolder look, which can be quite striking without being obvious. Products such as the Sweetheart or the Angelic range are best suited for day wear.

Dark and Intense Lashes

For the night time, you want lashes which are dramatic and have a powerful effect upon the eyes. These are much thicker than the daytime style, meaning that the effect upon the eyes is done much stronger. For example, you may like the Heartbreaker, or the Troublemaker. The latter has a heavy wing, which gives a more dramatic outline to the eye. These both use a crisscross style of mink which tends to create this heavier effect. For a night-time clown look, some may choose to wear the Venomous range, with its extended corner lashes which create an almond outline for the eye.

Care of Mink Lashes

In order to make sure that you get the best out of your false lashes, it is important that you take care of them both before and after use. Use the specialist glue which we provide for you, and also make sure that you remove the lashes very gently. We can offer you more advice about what type of mink lashes would best suit you, so contact us by emailing, or you could simply fill in our online form on our website, ask any questions that you may have, or browse our current collection of mink lashes online
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