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Boxycharm Lavaa: Lashes for Leisurely Luxury

The world is opening back up and the world of fun is opening back up with it. Now more than ever, people are expressing their style without apology. 2021 fashion is about exploring your personal style.

2021 fashion is about finding the perfect pair of false eyelashes.

Boxycharm Lavaa is your place to order online eyelashes. But if you're having trouble narrowing down the best fake eyelashes for you, keep reading. We're going to guide you on how to choose eyelashes to suit the look you want.

Fierce With Attitude

Do you want a pair of false lashes that will make you look as powerful as you are? Combine your best power suit and heels with eyelashes that match your attitude.

Badass lives up to its name. Made cruelty-free from mink fur, Badass is a part of the 3D eyelashes collection.

This set of false eyelashes have a classic style with a punk twist. Made with a strip as its base, badass has crisscrossed lashes. Its rounded style will make you stand out in a crowd.

Badass will make a round eye-shape pop. This set's unique style will open up smaller eyes. Badass will work with your natural eye shape to complete your powerhouse look.

You won't find these quality lashes in a beauty box subscription. Buy badass to bring the cool to your outfits.

Sugar and Some Spice

If you're in love with being pretty in pink, add some sweetness to your life. The sweetheart eyelashes will compliment every look with a pinch of femininity.

These are the best fake eyelashes for your softer-feeling days. Sweetheart's design will give you sweetness with some edge.

These eyelashes are round in shape and medium in eyelash length. The sweetheart eyelash set is perfect for your day-to-night look transformation.

Another member of the luxury mink collection, Sweetheart will give you butterflies. It has a flutter lash pattern that makes it a delicate yet fun way to finish off your eye look.

Sweetheart is versatile and suits every eye shape. If you're looking for a look that's subtle with a fashion bite, sweetheart is for you.

This set of false eyelashes are lightweight for comfortable wear. You can use these false eyelashes for up to 30 days. You'll be able to add a sweet piece of glamor to your daily look for up to a month.

Step Up the Sultry

You're dusting off your favorite night looks. From dresses to rompers, you need one more piece to complete your favorite club outfit. A pair of voluptuous eyelashes will tie your fun night outfit together.

It's time to shatter hearts with the heartbreaker false eyelash. Made from mink, heartbreaker is long and luxurious. These lashes have incredible volume.

This eyelash set can work with a naked eye or with a smokey eyeshadow.

Heartbreaker is a rounded eyelash set with a full, v-cluster style. Its 3D eyelash effect will make your eyes pop. This eyelash set's long length will complete any full glamor look.

Heartbreaker is a must-have for your return to the nightlife. But if you'd like to invest in a terrific trio, look into our bestselling trio lash box.

In it, you'll find the flirtatious heartbreaker, flirty, and angelic. Any of these three lash sets will be the best finishing touch to your makeup.

This set also comes with a full-sized adhesive. And this adhesive will hold your lashes in place without irritating your skin.

A Touch of Chic

Sometimes, you feel the need to add a bit of elegance to your everyday life. If you're looking for a natural look to enhance your outfit at the office, look no further.

Add a little touch that will change your daily outfit game with delicate. A member of the petite line, delicate will make your eyes glow. Perfect for any eye shape, this eyelash combines a criss-cross and wisp pattern.

The criss-cross shape will make your fake eyelashes look natural. The wisp pattern will give you a dream-like appearance.

Delicate is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're at work or going out, delicate will give you a look of effortless beauty.

Delicate will feel lighter and look better than any lashes you find in a beauty box subscription. Buy delicate to discover your new favorite pair of everyday false lashes.

A Fresh Style

If you want to explore a fun style that will add something new to your party look, meet venomous.

Venomous is a corner eyelash set that will give your eyes a unique look. No matter your eye shape, venomous will open up your eyes. Pair it with a nude eye look for the best results.

This eyelash set's style is a combination of wispy and flared. Making for a look that's half sweet, half sour. The venomous lash set will help you stay on the cutting edge of fashion.

You've Been Waiting For Boxycharm Lavaa

Boxycharm Lavaa has fake eyelash sets that will transform any look you put together. From the natural and subtle to the bold and glamorous, there is a lash set for everyone.

If you can't wait to buy your next set of lashes, look at our bundles. You'll find sets of fake lashes you won't be able to get enough of.

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