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Can You Reuse False Eyelashes? 5 Common Questions About False Lashes

Every year, false eyelashes account for 1.1 billion in global revenue. Beauty is big business, and the eyes are the focal point of any makeover you have. But with the price of quality products rising, how do you get the most from your beauty purchases?

One question many people have is if they can reuse lashes. Read on as we answer the question "Can you reuse false eyelashes?" and solve other lash conundrums.

Can You Reuse False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are reusable, but how long false eyelashes last depends on a number of factors. Firstly, check what your manufacturers say. Some brands may even claim to have lashes that are reusable for up to fifteen times or more.

The problem with this is that though they are reusable, each time they lose some shape and body. When you buy cheaper lashes, this is more likely. How you remove them and store them plays a huge part in how good they look the next time around.

If you store them correctly, the average number of times you can use them is around three to five times. This depends on how they look at the time and how they have retained their shape.

Can I Go to Bed With False Lashes On?

You can go to bed with your lashes on and they should not cause any problems. However, if you are asking yourself the question "Are false lashes reusable?" then you should take them off. Going to bed can damage them and you will not get much more use out of them.

How Do I Remove False Eyelashes?

One way to ensure you can reuse false lashes is by removing them correctly. Start by softening the glue using makeup remover on a cotton swab.

If you are still having trouble, then coconut or almond oil ran along the lash line should help dislodge it. Don't pull at the lashes to yank them free. Wait and apply again until it begins to loosen.

Get hold of the lash by the outer corner using tweezers. Peel it away from your real lash, working outward and away from the eye. If you encounter resistance, stop and apply more of the removal solutions.

How Do I Clean False Lashes?

One way to get more use from your lashes is to clean them properly after use. This is an easy routine that can be done after a correct removal. The first step is to wash your hands, to ensure you don't get any oils, grease, or dirt on them during the process.

After this, get a salon-quality set of tweezers and begin to remove any glue from the lashes. Don't pull at any of the glue that is stubborn and stuck on. An oil-based makeup remover should be able to dislodge some of this for you.

Once you have the glue removed, you can begin to clean the rest of the lash. If you had mascara and make-up on them, it will take it off and freshen them ready for the next use. Lay down a paper towel and dip a cotton swap in a cleanser.

Gently swap the lashes, working from the base upwards to remove impurities. The only thing to be wary of is if you are using mink eyelashes. They should not have a cleanser placed on them, and instead, you should use water to remove the dirt.

How Do I Store False Eyelashes?

How to reuse fake lashes is as much down to how you store them as removing them. If you are able to store them correctly, then you will undoubtedly increase their usage.

Start by getting a spray bottle and adding rubbing alcohol. Spray your lashes with a gentle dose. As lashes are near your eye, they can become a haven for bacteria, and this kills off any while the lashes are stored.

After this, you want to place your lashes back in the packaging you bought them in. This should be molded to keep their shape. Make sure they are aligned correctly and snug, then store them in a drawer or box out of direct sunlight.

Reapplying Your Lashes

In many ways, a pair of lashes you have already worn can be better than a new set. You don't have to reshape them or trim them. All of this was done when you first got them from the pack.

Wash your hands before removing, so you don't get any natural oil on the lashes. You can then apply the glue and reaffix as you would any other lash. This time the process will just be quicker and easier.

Do False Lashes Damage Natural Ones?

False lashes should not cause any damage if you remove and apply them carefully. Do not buy cheap lashes, and avoid any low-cost adhesives. The more formulated blends will be less harsh on the skin, particularly if you are sensitive.

Do Makeup or Lashes Come First?

Lashes should be the final step in your makeup routine. However, this is totally down to preference. In truth, many people use a mix of both.

You don't want to put lashes on then get makeup all over them. However, adding some afterward can help blend the lashes in with your own eyelashes. Generally, it helps to add mascara and eyeliner after the application.


Now you can answer the question "Can you reuse false eyelashes?" do a test run. Make sure you can apply them correctly and remove them. Find a good storage location and buy quality products.

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