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FREE Fast Shipping on U.S. orders over $65+

Easy To Wear Medium Press-On Nails

Medium nails bring flair to your lineup. Lavaa offers nails in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

Expressing Yourself with Artificial Nails

Nail art is a true expression of self. Whether incorporating a leopard print or other modern patterns, they place your personality within full view of the world.

Artificial nails are also a great way to express yourself without permanent alteration. A simple nail file and nail glue is all you need to prepare a new set of nails.

What shapes do Medium nails come in?

Medium nails come in several shapes. The most common are square and almond.

Almond Nails

Almond nails are slightly more resistant to everyday wear and tear. They come with tapered ends that look more natural.

Square Nails

Square nails are among the most common shapes. They are similar to your natural nail shape but with a cleaned up square tip. 

Square tips are perfect for daily life and more difficult to break as the ends are not thin or prone to chipping.  

Removing Long Nails

Press-on nails are easy to remove. When ready, an acetone-free nail polish remover is all that is required to return to your natural nail.

Soak your nails for 30 to 40 minutes in a mixture of remover and water. Place your nails to the side, in a box or other protected container, and reuse them when ready. This is perfect for anyone who constantly changes their style.

Online Nail Shopping

Build a large collection of nails to fit almost any mood. Lavaa Beauty's online store brings variety and discounts to your door.

Shop our large selection from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of all the products we have to offer!

Shop Medium Nails Online

Lavaa has a large variety of medium nails to fit any personality. Our square and Almond high-quality nails bring out the best from your wardrobe.

Our products are ready for use, requiring little set up or mess. Visit us online and find the nail bundle that is perfect for you.

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