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FREE Fast Shipping on U.S. orders over $65+

Get the Best Look With 3D Mink Lashes

False eyelashes have long been in use as a way for women to enhance the look of their eyes and draw attention. While they have been around for a long time, in the last twenty years interest has peaked for false lashes. We see them more each day, thanks to the pictures of celebrities on the Internet, in newspapers, magazines, and on the screen. We see a look we want to emulate ourselves and know the only way to get it is through luscious lashes. With all the eyelash choices out there today, which one is the best to use? There is no doubt that when you buy 3D mink lashes today, you're getting the best look possible.

The Luxuriousness of Mink

Mink has always been associated with velvety softness and luxury, and with false lashes, it’s no different. The lashes are made from natural mink hair and are not treated with any chemicals so that you get the incredible, natural enhancement to the look and volume of your natural lashes. You need to make sure you provide the proper care for your lashes, removing them carefully and storing them properly, so that you can get multiple uses from them. Buy 3D Mink Lashes Today



Getting Them for the Best Cost

You might automatically think that 3D mink lashes will be well beyond what you can afford for false eyelashes. While that might be true for some of the brands of today, here at Lavaa Beauty we offer the beautiful mink lashes at the ideal price points you will love. You’ll find that you can purchase several sets of our lashes for what it often costs for just one of the other brand’s. This lets you get multiple sets for various looks.

Check Out Our Collection

If you would like to try 3D mink lashes today, view our collection on our website. You can place your order with us on our site, and we’ll ship the lashes out to you right way so you can begin enjoying the fantastic look and feel mink can offer you. 
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