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Halloween Glam Has Arrived at Lavaa Beauty

One of our favorite holidays at Lavaa Lashes is almost here! Halloween is the perfect time to try out those bold and sexy lashes you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Heartbreaker lashes are always a perfect addition to any glam Halloween costume, though we have tons of styles that beg to worn during Spooky Season.

The Rebel Lash Is a Must for Cat and Mouse Costumes

If you’re planning on rocking a cute animal costume this year, you need the Rebel lash. A cat-eye is perfect for animal costumes and there’s no better lash that compliments this look than the Rebel lash. It has a natural winged style that makes it subtle and sexy while accentuating the shape of your eyes. 

halloween glam makeup

It’s an incredibly versatile lash that compliments both dark and light eyeshadows. The smoky eye is a go-to look for animal Halloween costumes and the Rebel lash accentuates it perfectly.  Because it’s subtle glam, it also looks beautiful with lighter, nude and pink shadows as well. 

The Always Sexy Heartbreaker Lash Will Make Your Costume 

You can never go wrong with Heartbreaker lashes, though Halloween is the perfect time to shine in them. Our most popular lashes are full of personality, giving them the ability to tie together your sexiest and spookiest Halloween costume yet. The volume alone will catch everyone’s attention and be extra noticeable in your Instagram-worthy shots. They’re also perfect for group costumes with the girls. Everyone will fall in love with these lashes when they wear them for the first time, they won’t be able to resist making Heartbreaker lashes part of their makeup routine. 

A Glam Halloween Requires Glam Lashes

If you’re planning on glam costumes, Heartbreaker and Mischief are always reliable to step up the dramatic factor. Mischief lashes are perfect for dramatic costumes like Cleopatra, Morticia Addams, Cher, and any costumes that are made with the right lashes. 

If you’ve relied on mascara for dramatic effect in Halloweens past, there’s no doubt it has come up short of glamorous at some time or another. There’s nothing worse than getting your costume assembled and realizing it’s missing something that gives it that “it” factor. Most of the time, the costume looks great but the makeup is lacking the extra dramatic, Halloween effect. If there’s only one time this year that you use false eyelashes, let it be on Halloween! (Though we know you won’t be able to resist wearing them on the regular when you discover how effortlessly beautiful they are.)

The Most Eye Catching Halloween Costume Starts with Lavaa Lashes

Ensure your Halloween costume is a success this year with the right pair of false lashes. Lavaa Lashes has all you’ll need in the lash department for the most glam Halloween costume yet. Discover the Heartbreaker lashes, Mischief, the Limited Edition Charm lashes, and more. We can’t wait to see everyone’s glam looks this year so be sure to tag us on Instagram: @lavaabeauty 

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