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How To Apply And Remove Press-On Nails

Are you a fan of nail art and different nail styles but don't like spending an arm and a leg to acquire your favorite look? Well, you're in luck because Lavaa Beauty offers a wide range of press-on nails that provide different colors, shapes, nail art, and lengths. Whether you're looking for a natural pair of french tip nails or if you're looking for long stiletto nails with a dark glossy finish. The options are endless when you shop at!
Finding Your Perfect Nail Set
Going to the salon can be a hassle sometimes, especially if you constantly change your nail shape or style. You can make your life easier by trying our premium press-on nails. This means they are not your average drugstore press-on. They are made from stronger materials to ensure that they can last up to three weeks of wear. Yes, you read that correctly; you can wear these for up to three weeks with the proper application and care. 
The Girl Next Door
Now to, find the perfect nails for your lifestyle. If you are constantly working with your hands or living more freely, we recommend a shorter square nail style like our Nude Mood or Natural French if you like a more natural nail style. If you want more colorful nails, don't worry; we offer many different styles, including multi-color tips like on our Color-Blocked, which is a short round nail set. 
Sophisticated & Clean
For the #lavaababes that like to have a little bit more length but are still wearable for every day, our medium almond nails are perfect for you. Just like our short nails, our Medium Almond nails are show-stopping and luxurious. With that, you can choose from our large selection of matte, glossy, and swirl nail art styles like Pastel Dreams, Jet Swirl, Chic Swirl, and Mocha Swirl. Each selection of nails that we offer has multiple styles that range from natural to more fun and outgoing. 
The Creative Girl
Lastly, for our babes that love to be a little bit extra and more artistic, then our Long and Extra long nails are for you! We have probably the most styles in our long collection as they are prevalent and the most range of shapes. You may have seen our most popular styles on Instagram, as they are loved by our Lavaa team and some bigger influencers. Our french tip styles are by far the most loved, like our Ombre French and French Kiss. These are similar styles when it comes to color as they are both soft natural pink bases with a soft light pink/cream ombre tip. The most significant difference between these is that they have different shaped tips. Our Ombre French is a long coffin-shaped nail, and our French Kiss is a long stiletto shape.
The benefit of having long and extra long nails is that it elongates your fingers and gives a soft feminine look to the hand that we all desire. Not to say that our other lengths and shapes don't do this, but with a little bit extra length, it gives such a beautiful look to the hand. 
Extra long nails can seem intimidating, but they are so fun to play with for a night out or a special event. Most of our extra long nails are coffin shaped as they are the most desired shape, but we do have some stiletto-shaped nails that are a great change from your typical coffin shape. Our favorites to try are Bubblegum French, Cute Mood, and Exotic Babe. Each of these styles is so different from one another and is the best way to level up your look. Our Bubblegum French is a beautiful extra-long coffin-shaped nail set with a soft clear base that gradually turns into a pink ombre tip. Our Cute Mood is one of our best sellers since it is more of a nail art style with a long coffin shape, a matte base, and a neutral cow print artwork. Lastly, our Exotic babe is one of our most iconic styles for any season since it can lighten up your Fall and Winter or elevate your Spring and Summer. This is actually a Luxe Extra Long nail style with a coffin shape and multi-color french tip. These are some of our best-selling nail styles that will keep the heads turning your way.
Why Press-On Nails?
Although getting your nails done is a fun outing and self-care moment that we all love, it can get expensive, and you never really know what you're going to get. Different nail techs have different work styles, so if you go to a different nail salon, the nails you ask for might not be the type that you end up with. And if you don't like them, you still have to pay more for them than you would like. With this, press-on nails are a perfect choice for someone who constantly wears nails because you have the option to change your nail style constantly if you would like, or you can keep the same style on for up to three weeks with the proper application and care. Along with being able to keep your nails on for up to three weeks, it also saves your natural nails and allows them to grow out stronger than they would naturally or if you were getting acrylics or gels.
This is because you're not damaging your natural nail underneath, you are just filing them before application with a regular nail file and then all you need to do is apply a little drop of glue. It's just that simple..
How Do Press-On Nails Work?
You may be thinking that applying press-on nails can be difficult or time-consuming, but it is in fact, the opposite. This is why we always stress that they save time, money and fear of disappointment. Below we will break down just how simple it is to apply press-on nails after you decide on the right set for you. 
How To Apply Press-On Nails:
  1. Find your favorite set.
  2. Take out the provided sachet with nail glue, nail file, alcohol swab, and cuticle stick.
  3. Start by cleaning your natural nails with an alcohol swab.
  4. File the top of your natural nails as well as nail tips to soften them for application.
  5. Hold up press-on nails to your natural nails to find the perfect fit for each finger.
  6. Apply a small pea size amount of nail glue to your natural nails (and the press-on for a stronger hold.)
  7. When applying each nail, hold it down for 5-10 seconds to ensure it is in place, and the glue is set.
  8. That's it! You now have a beautiful set of press-on nails that you did at home in just 5 minutes.
Frequently Asked Questions About Press-On Nails
When trying something new, you may have questions, but luckily our website provides a lot of information regarding how to apply press-on nails, ingredients, and what we recommend trying. But sometimes, there are questions that we have before hitting "place order." Below are questions that are commonly asked before buying press-on nails.
  1. Can Press-On Nails Be Applied Anywhere?
The simple answer is yes, of course. All you need to apply your nails is the nail product box that we provide you when you purchase any of our nail styles. This includes all of your essentials to easily apply anywhere. Our team is a huge fan of applying nails for last-minute events before they get out of the car. Like we said in the "How To" section, our nails can be applied in 5 minutes and probably even quicker the more you get used to it. This is a great way to look more put together in a pinch.
  1. Do I Need A UV Light To Apply?
These nails are not gel nails, so a UV light is not required, but if you want to customize a basic set that we provide with some gel polish, then you can utilize your UV light. We have seen some people purchase a simple style, such as Black Coffin or White Coffin, add their own nail art, and then set it with the light. This is not essential for applying press-on nails as we provide all of the required instruments to get the best results. 
  1. If I Get Longer Press-On Nails Will They Break Easier?
This is a great question because if you are used to getting acrylic nails or gel tips, then you have probably been told that the longer you go, the easier they will break, and it's true because there isn't anything holding up or supporting the tip of the nails. But for Lavaa Nails, we provide nails that are made with strong materials that don't break easily. Also, our longest nails are still manageable and wearable for daily use, so they aren't too long, where they will immediately snap like how acrylics can. If your press-on nails ever break, they will not take your natural nail with it, which is amazing because we all know the pain with acrylics.
  1. How To Get Glue Off Of Your Nails
The most asked question when it comes to anything press-on nail related is how to take off your press-ons and how to remove excess glue. If you have never tried applying or removing press-on nails, this is a key component to pay attention to. 
How To Remove Press-On Nails
  1. Before trying to tug or pull off the press-ons, find some acetone or nail polish remover and put 1 cup into a bowl.
  2. Place your fingertips in and soak them for 10 minutes.
  3. After soaking, use your cuticle stick to slowly lift the sides and carefully remove.
How To Remove Excess Glue From Your Nails
  1. If you use the acetone/nail polish remover method, the glue should be malleable and can be easily removed with a cuticle stick.
  2. Suppose you just have extra glue stuck to your nail after they naturally fall off. In that case, we recommend the same method with nail polish remover/acetone because it slowly breaks the glue apart and will keep your natural nails healthy and strong instead of forcing the glue off and potentially ripping your natural nail.
Nails Trending This Season
For the Fall season and upcoming Winter season, we have a few press-on nail recommendations to keep you on trend and saving your money while simultaneously getting your dream set of nails. 
Our Pumpkin Spice and Vampira are definitely our top-selling Stiletto nails in the Fall time because of the earth-toned colors. The Pumpkin Spice style is a beautiful neutral beige with a pumpkin tone and a glossy finish. Also, our Vampira is a beautiful stiletto style with a deep burgundy and purple tone with a glossy finish. These are perfect for the entire season as they go with all of the leaves falling from the trees and all of the holiday decor. Be sure to get your Fall nails now before we sell out, as they are some of our best sellers.

Where To Find Quality Press-On Nails
Finding the best press-on nails can be difficult, especially when shopping online, because there is such a large selection of brands that offer nails. Lavaa Beauty has the strongest and most range when it comes to size, shape, length, and style at an affordable price point. The trendiest nails of 2022 are swirl nails, which is why we offer four different styles with a swirl design so that it is inclusive for everyone. Whether you are looking for natural short and square nails or you're looking for extra long stiletto-shaped nails, there are endless possibilities when you shop at 
When you purchase our premium press-on nails, you won't be disappointed, and all of your questions can be answered here or on our website FAQ page. We also constantly post updates on our social media platforms, so be sure to follow and engage with us; @lavaabeauty (IG)- (TikTok)-@lavaabeauty (Twitter). 
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