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How to Apply Mink 3D Lashes

Did you know that mink 3D lashes can be reused up to thirty times? With the proper use and care, your mink lashes could last you over a month!

If you've been in the makeup game for a while, you know how expensive non-reusable synthetic lashes are and how difficult they can be to put on.

This does not apply to mink lashes. With their lightweight design and durable nature, mink 3D lashes are a breeze to apply, and you don't have to continuously learn how to fit them to your eye shape.

Keep reading to learn how to apply our affordable mink lashes for the best results.

What Makes Mink 3D Lashes Special?

Mink eyelashes are made of real mink fur. Though there is controversy about how mink eyelashes are made, many mink lashes are made 100% cruelty-free.

Mink 3D lashes are superior for many reasons. They are reusable for many wears, comfortable, and more natural-looking than synthetic lashes. The 3D eyelashes price may seem steep at first, but they save you money over time.

In the past, mink lashes only came in a handful of styles. But now, you can find 3D mink lashes in plenty of styles ranging from barely-there natural lashes to bold and glamorous lashes.

Trim Your Lashes

The first step in any lash application is to trim. Unlike 3D lash extensions that come as single lashes, strip lashes come on one band that you must fit your eye.

Measure the entire eyelash strip to your eye and cut off the band from the outer corner that hangs over with cosmetic scissors.

If you decide to skip this step, you may find that the eyelash band sits uncomfortably on your eye. The edges of the eyelash band may even poke your inner corners or eyeballs.

But wait! Don't throw away the extra eyelash you cut off. This can still be used to layer on top of the outer corner of your lashes for a more dramatic effect.

It can also be used alone on your outer corner. This is a cute look for the days that you want to look natural. Apply a small piece of lash strip to your outer corner to give your lashes a bit of extra volume and length.

Apply Eyelash Glue

Applying eyelash glue is necessary even if your lashes already have a bit of stickiness to them. Most mink eyelashes have some glue on them to keep them in place in their cases. Don't mistake that for eyelash glue.

The process of applying eyelash glue is more involved than simply slathering the glue on the lash and sticking it to your face. It requires more patience than that.

To properly apply eyelash glue to your mink 3D lashes, you should apply a thin layer to the lash band. Avoid clumpy glue balls that will cause your 3D mink lashes to stick improperly.

Let the glue sit on the lash for about thirty seconds to become tacky before applying. Fanning the glue with your hand can speed up this process slightly.

The glue should no longer be wet. Feel the lash band lightly to see if it has dried to the correct consistency. If it tries to stick to your finger, you're ready.

Properly applied lash adhesive glue ensures that your lashes will stay on all day without lifting or moving.

Use a Handheld Mirror

The application is the most difficult part and takes lots of practice in some cases. You may need to apply your lashes more than once to get them perfect and even.

The trick is getting your lash band as close to your natural eyelashes as possible. While it may seem correct to stare straight into the mirror to apply them, you are making it more difficult for yourself.

Instead, use a handheld mirror on a flat surface, and look downward at it. This will give you a better view of what you are doing.

Your eyelid extends like you are closing your eyes, and you will have the space to apply your lash the right way.

Make sure your eyes are not completely closed when putting on your mink 3D lashes. You will accidentally risk gluing your eyelids together or applying your lash wrong.

Make the Band Disappear

Once your lashes are glued on, you may notice that you can still see the band. Don't worry! This is an easy fix.

Just apply some black eyeliner to the band of your eyelashes as well as your eyelid. Not only does it disguise the lash band, but it also makes your lashes pop.

You can do this with your favorite method of applying eyeliner. Though, keep in mind, a crayon or pencil liner may not adhere to the material of the band the way you would like.

Caring For Your Mink 3D Lashes

After a long day, it's time to pop off those mink 3D lashes. But, if you want them to last as long as possible, it isn't as simple as just putting them away.

Use a cue tip and some water to go over the lash band and loosen leftover glue. Never use oil-based makeup cleansers on your mink 3D lashes; it will destroy them.

Peel your lashes gently off your eyelid. Be careful not to rip the band or take any of your natural eyelashes with it. Any glue left over after that you may pick off gently with your fingers. Do not use tweezers, as they can damage the false lashes.

Dry them thoroughly with a tissue before storing them back in their original box. All these steps will also save you time when you decide to wear them again!

Love Your Lashes

Our mink 3D lashes are high-quality and always perfect for any makeup look. When you apply your flirty lashes properly, they will stay all day so you can look glamourous with no worries.

Check out our product page to see our extensive selection of affordable mink lashes and find the perfect fit for you!
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