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How To Customize Our Independent Clusters 💝

Babes! We are back this week talking to you about our Independent Individual Clusters. You can create endless looks with them. There are 60 pieces in each box with 4 different lengths to fully customize your look. Our favorite way to use them is to accentuate the outer corners to give a cat eye look and natural eye lift. Just like our corner lashes these can be uplifting to any eye shape by using a longer lash on the outer corner. We're just getting started with how to use them, as there are many other ways to use them.

The best way to use these lashes is with our Dual Liners both in black and clear to easily apply! For a more natural look, you can use the medium to long lashes and place them at the end of your eye right where your eyeliner wing would start to go upward, giving your eye a natural lift. After you place them there you can pick up a small-medium lash and place it at the center of your eye to seamlessly blend your natural lashes with the clusters. You can always do more or less depending on the look you're going for.

As for a more dramatic look, it's very easy to build volume with these clusters. We would recommend using multiples of the medium length lashes in the middle of the eye, short on the inner corner and a few long on the outer corner to give a full lash look and just slowly add in more lashes to build thickness.

All of these individual clusters are reusable, but our pro tip is to apply mascara before applying the lashes so that they hold up better and don't lose their natural curl. This is our most popular "natural" lash because you have full creative control over your daily look! Make sure to shop at and try it for yourself!


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