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How to Get Flirty Lashes

False eyelashes have been around since ancient Rome. Back in those days, big false eyelashes were a symbol of youth and purity.

False lashes are still an important part of femininity today, but they no longer represent maidenhood. Nowadays, false lashes can be an essential flirting technique.

There's no better way to attract someone than by captivating them with your eyes. When you set your gaze on someone, make sure they notice you too.

Keep reading, and we'll tell you how to get the best flirty lash look with high-quality false lashes. It's easier than you might think!

Flirty Lashes: Your Secret Seduction Weapon

Flirty lashes are the best way to get a special someone to notice you from afar. What do we mean when we say flirty lashes? Well, we mean lashes that make a statement and draw attention to the subtle expressions of your eyes.

Nowadays, there are some alternatives to false lashes on the market, such as lash boosting serums and eyelash extensions. These may seem appealing, but they put your natural lashes at risk.

Eyelash extensions require regular maintenance and come with health risks. Eye infections and bacteria buildup often come with lash extensions.

Eyelash boosting serums and primers can also irritate your eyes. These boosting agents can be harsh, and layering them under mascara can weigh down your natural lashes.

With false eyelashes, you leave your natural lashes unburdened and avoid health risks. Plus, you have complete control over how much drama you want to add to your look.

When you bat your luxurious false eyelashes at an attractive stranger, they're sure to fall under your spell.

Finding the Best Mink Eyelashes

When it comes to false lashes, mink is always going to be your best bet. Mink eyelashes offer the most luxurious yet delicate look.

Mink is the difference between looking like Marilyn Monroe and looking like you're portraying the icon in a low-budget variety show.

Mink eyelashes are made from the fur of the mink; small animals that live all over the world.

If you're vegan or vegetarians, don't fret. You can get all the flirtatious power you need from faux mink lashes. Decades of development have helped faux mink lashes become almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Putting On Flirty Lashes

To flirt effectively, you must know how to get flirty lashes to stay on. Putting your flirty lashes on correctly is essential to the process.

Luckily, putting on false lashes is easier than you might expect. You just need to follow these simple steps.

Trim Your False Lashes

First, make sure your lashes aren't too long for your eyelids. Trim them to an appropriate length.

This step is essential because it keeps your lashes from falling off throughout the day.

Apply Your Glue

If you're wondering how to get flirty lashes to last longer, the answer is in the glue. Apply your glue along the band of your false eyelash and put a little extra on both ends.

After you apply your glue, wait 30 seconds to a minute for it to become tacky. Do not apply your lashes while the glue is too fresh; they won't stay in place.

Press As You Apply

When you apply your false lashes, take it a little bit at a time. First, press the outside corner of your false lash onto your lash line. Hold it there for a few seconds before pressing down the next part of the lash.

Patience is key. Take things slowly and you'll be less likely to have to start over.

Don't Forget Mascara

After you put on your false lashes, put on a coat of mascara. This final step helps your natural lashes blend in with your falsies, creating a more "natural" look.

How to Style A Flirty Lash

A flirty lash is important, but the rest of your makeup look matters too. When you're wearing false lashes, it's always a good idea to put on black eyeliner.

This will cover up the place where your false lashes meet your eyelid. Black eyeliner can also cover up any minor mistakes you made while putting your lashes on.

Full, flirty lashes have a dramatic look, so embrace that! Pair your false lashes with a smoky eye, some statement black liner, or a red lip.

You might be shocked at the power of a high-quality mink lash. The right pair will pull the rest of your makeup look together effortlessly.

Keeping Your Real Lashes Safe

To preserve the health of your natural lashes, it's important to know how to get flirty lashes off. Remove your lashes gently to avoid irritating your eyes.

Make sure you use makeup remover and/or face wash to completely remove eyelash glue from your eyelid. Eyelash glue shouldn't irritate your eyelid, but it will be irritating if it stays on too long and travels into your eye.

After you remove your mink lashes, keep them in a safe place! Unlike drugstore lashes, you can re-use high-quality mink lashes several times.

Flirt Your Way Into His Heart With Mink Lashes

Now that you know how to put on a flirty lash, go out on the town and use your new skills to your advantage. Save money on a starter lash kit to get everything you need in one convenient bundle.

You might be surprised at how much attention you get with nothing but the right flirty lash.

If you're looking for more makeup tips or a real flirty lashes review, check out the rest of our site.

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