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How to Use Stackable Lashes to Elevate Your Look

Everyone knows just how much false lashes can contribute to a look. They are a great way to subtly enhance your look by complementing your natural eyelashes. A lot of people take an extra step forward and stack to different lashes in order to create more unique and creative looks. Yes, Lavaa Beauty lashes are stackable lashes! Here’s how to stack pairs of lashes successfully to make the most of your look.

Selecting the Lashes to Stack

You can technically stack just about any pair of false lashes, but you probably don’t want to do that. Unless that’s the kind of look that you are going for, double stacking a pair of full lush lashes then you might overstate their use and call a lot of attention to them. However, if you carefully select each lashes’ degrees of fullness then you can properly complement them and build on them to create unique looks. You can use the volume and the distribution of different pairs of lashes in order for them to build on each other and get a whole new look out of both of them. This can open up to you a whole new array of ways in which you can exercise creativity at the time of creating your own looks.

stackable eyelashes

Adjust the Stackable Lashes Accordingly

Now, you need to make sure that the lashes you use can match each other. First, you’ll have to stack one lash atop the other, pressing each band together. When doing so, you need to match the end of the lashes. If they have different widths, then you should place the outside edge ends together. Once you have them stacked, you will need to measure them in order to make sure that they will fit together on your eyelid. Carefully put the lashes against your natural lash line. If they are too long and you need to trim them, be sure to only cut from the outer edge of the lashes. Cut off little by little and keep testing. Be careful not to trim too much at a time or else you might end up going too far. It’s important to have just the right length.

Applying the Stacked Lashes

From here on, the process is pretty much the same as applying your lashes regularly. Just apply a thin line of our Lavaa Beauty Latex-Free Lash Adhesive to the lash band like you usually do. Wait a few seconds to ensure the best consistency. Then set the stacked lashes over your natural lash line and press down firmly, making sure that the inner and outer corners are well adjusted. If you have trouble with this operation, our applicator or our tweezers can help you be much more precise at the time of applying the lashes. Either way, just be attentive at the time of doing so and you should have the ideal stackable lashes.

Find the Best Lashes For You

At Lavaa Beauty, we want to make sure that you find the right lashes for you. If this means stacking different pairs together, then we want to provide you with the right ones to do so! That is why our catalog has a varied and diverse array of mink lashes, which you can mix and match to create unique looks.

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