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Introducing The Petite 3D Mink Collection

The next big thing from Lavaa Lashes has finally arrived. Our gorgeous new collection of Petite 3D Mink Lashes was created for the women who love a more natural, slightly less dramatic look. If you prefer shorter lashes for daily wear or have an occasion that calls for a conservative look, this is the perfect collection for you. 

Lashes For Every Style, Modest or Glam 

Everyone develops their own personal makeup routines that they feel comfortable and confident in. Some of you love the glam look that requires our fuller lashes like Heartbreaker, Mischief, and Badass. You know we’re all about our glam looks and love seeing our lovely fans share their works of art with us. Though we know that for some fans, you feel most confident wearing a lighter lash to complement Earth tones and little to no liner. 

We created the Petite 3D Mink Collection for events and outings where a more conservative look is in order. If your place of work has a dress code or asks you to wear subtle makeup, the Delicate or Modest lashes are your best friend. Even if the Heartbreaker or Badass lashes are your go-to (we love that!), the Petite Collection is perfect to have on hand for family gatherings, job interviews, funerals, or any occasion where you feel comfortable wearing shorter lashes.  


Petite Lashes For Petite Eyes

If you’ve struggled to find a set of 3D Mink Lashes that compliment your petite eyes, the search is over. We didn’t just create the Petite 3D Mink Collection for modest makeup wear but also for those with smaller eyes who need shorter lashes. If you have smaller eyes and want a natural look combined with the seductive beauty of mink lashes, the Delicate lashes are the perfect fit for you. 

3d mink eyelashes

These are our most natural lashes from the Petite 3D Mink Collection. They mimic your real lashes as they have a shorter inner corner and a longer wing. For a full and natural look, they have a criss-cross pattern to mimic and complement your real lashes. 

Cute Lashes are Modest Yet Sexy 

The all-new Cute lashes from the Petite 3D Mink Collection are the perfect middle ground between full glam and subtle glam. These gorgeous mink lashes are thicker than the Delicate lashes but not as long as our Exclusive 3D Collection Lashes. The heavier wing creates a perfect cat eye and adds just the right amount of drama with a shorter lash length. 

Trust Your Lavaa Lashes for Any Occasion 

Each set from the Petite 3D Collection has a strip lash band and are 100% mink. Even if you always go for the Heartbreaker lashes, petite lashes are a must-have on hand for last-minute occasions. Look stunning yet professional when meeting with clients, interviewing for your dream job, or giving a presentation. 3D Mink Lashes are your best friend in any occasion. Shop the new Petite 3D Mink Collection for all your subtle glam! 

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