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Hey babes we are BACK just in time for Hot Girl Summer! We want to educate you on some hot girl lash care. This season is extremely difficult to know which looks to create-that will last throughout the day/night but with our help you’re going to slay all season long. We are about to spill the tea on our best selling styles for summer and how to make sure you can keep them strong for those 20+ uses.
First things first, finding a lash for you is the most important task. Our lashes that are currently trending are our lighter styles such as, Venomous, Classy, Devilish, Modest, and Delicate. All of these styles are super wearable for everyday no matter the season but especially Summer 2021 because of the “Natural Baddie” vibe everyone is talking about. People have been going crazy for our Cat-Eye lashes which are listed above-but if you crave something a little heavier and more dramatic, go for our “Mischief” and “Heartbreaker.” Each lash is curated for our natural baddies who want longevity out of their lashes, so no matter which lash you choose, they are made with care and will last you as long as you take care of them.
Step two, is caring for your lashes to ensure their length of life. We have made YouTube videos on how to take care of them day to day but never on how to take care of them during the Summer months. Whether you live in a humid climate or a dry climate your lashes can take a hit from sun screen, and heat. Now with masks, the moisture from our breath can cause the glue to loosen up or the lashes to lose their curl. With that, the best thing you can do to take care of them is to avoid spray sunscreen on your face/neck and use a glow or regular sunscreen on your face/neck to avoid getting the lashes covered and oily. Also when you are in the heat you will want to make sure you have a good glue. Our Latex-Free Lash Adhesive is such a game changer and will KEEP those lashes ON. The adhesive is super buildable and is safe for the eyes. Our biggest tip is to apply the adhesive to the inner and outer corner more than the middle so that you can ensure the lashes to stay down all day.
Now, unfortunately we do not recommend swimming (no matter how tempting) in any lashes because you will ruin the curl with the water, and whatever cleaning agents are in it.
We hope that you are starting off your Summer on a good note, as we are about to announce a bunch of new things.. So much is coming for Lavaa and we want you to be included. Make sure to follow our Social Medias and follow along with our announcements by joining our Mailing List on the website! We like to stay connected with our consumers and know what you want from us! We can’t wait for all of the hot girl summer posts that were about to see of our #LavaaBabes.
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