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Kylie Nail Dupes 💞😱

We all know about the famous Kardashian nails, but especially Kylie's nails.. She has always been the IT girl when it comes to nail art and shape. We are here to tell you that you don't need to spend the money to get her nail styles, and if you know anything about Kylie, her nails change every week! That is a LOT of upkeep! Instead you should try our press-on nails, as we have over 150 styles to choose from ranging from short and natural to extra long and bright colored. 

In case you haven't noticed, she is a huge fan of clean and minimal nails but she also loves a pop of color or stiletto shape when she wants to switch it up! Here are some nail styles you should check out! Remember when she had a huge chrome moment so we would recommend our Hot Commodity or Teal Chrome as they are also a coffin shape just like hers! Pictured here. 

We love medium to long nails but our Bubblegum French is such a Kylie vibe! Look how similar these are her nails (You can always match with your bestie too)! Ours are an Extra Long style but they are coffin shaped and have a beautiful pink ombre to get the look!

Lastly, for a great natural nail set we have our long Beach Bum which is a square glossy nude style that is perfect for everyday wear, and honestly an essential! 

(all nail photos are Kylies-shown as example)

Let us know your favorite styles, and if you like natural or more dramatic nail styles! Make sure to tag us over on Instagram @lavaabeauty and tiktok !💞 

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