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Are you a fan of eyelashes but don't know which type of lash best fits your eye? We all have different eye shapes so, different lash styles work better for others. Find out which Lavaa lashes accentuate your eyes the best! 


Finding your eye shape is quite simple; you only have to take a few moments and look at your eyes in the mirror. With this, you will see the difference between your brows and eyes, if you have hooded lids, and if your outer corners are downturned or lifted. This information gives you an idea of your actual eye shape. Below is a list of the eye shapes to consider.

  • Almond Eyes: The iris touches the eyelid on both the top and bottom. They do have a visible crease but smaller lid space. The inner duct and outer corner taper give an elongated effect.

  • Monolid Eyes: There is no visible crease with this eye shape. The lid is usually flat and smooth. The inner corner tends to be more tapered and pointy. 

  • Hooded Eyes: These eyes have eyelids that appear smaller because the hooded look is caused by an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease.  

  • Deep Set Eyes: These eyes have a more prominent brow bone because the eye is set deeper into the skull, which can make them look bigger than they are.

  • Downturned Eyes: The outer corners taper downward and slightly drop towards the cheekbone.

  • Upturned Eyes: This is almost the opposite of downturned eyes, as these eyes have a lifted outer corner and slightly lifted lower lashes.

  • Round Eyes: They have very visible creases, and the whites of their eyes are noticeable on top and bottom, creating a more awake look. These eyes appear more circular and even more prominent. The inner and outer corners of the eyes do not taper.


Finding your eye shape can be a bit difficult at first because, depending on your face shape, it can seem like you have a mix of eye shapes, not just one. Because of that, there are so many endless variations of eye shapes. 

The slightest difference in your face shape can make you have a different eye shape, so here are some ways to find your actual shape.


  • Do you have a clear crease? If not, you have a monolid.

  • Does your outer corner taper down? You have downturned eyes.

  • Does your outer corner taper upwards? You have upturned eyes.

  • Do you have white visible on the top and bottom of your iris? If so, you have round eyes; if not, you have almond eyes.


Almond eyes are the most universal eye shape and can hold virtually any lash style. An everyday style that people with almond eyes tend to go for is cat eyelashes to give a more naturally lifted look. With that, corner lashes tend to look the best as they accentuate what you already have. Our Catty Half lashes would be perfect for you to get that cat-eye effect. If you want to go bolder with an entire strip lash, you can go more natural or dramatic. For a medium volume lash, our Devilish is a beautiful full strip lash with a soft length gradient for a natural look. If you want drama, we recommend our Heartbreaker because this style is full volume but a wearable length. Although almond eyes can hold almost any lash, consider your other features as you don't want to overpower your other features.

Monolid eyes are stunning and so versatile! These eyes are a blank canvas and can hold many different lash styles. We love a voluminous lash to create a darker lash line but be careful not to go too heavy as you don't want to make your eyelids look weighed down. For monolid eyes, we recommend a beautiful criss-cross lash with light to medium volume like our Classy for more length and light volume, Rebel for medium and natural length, and our Faux Honey lashes for a more dramatic night out. 

Hooded eyes are seen as more sultry.. You can emphasize the mystery with some medium volume and wispy strip lashes. Lavaa Beauty's Petite Mink Lashes are perfect for this eye shape. They are light to medium in volume and a bit more natural. Our Modest is the ideal, more dramatic wispy natural lash, and our Precious is a lighter volume version with a more flared outer corner to give a lifted look.

Deep Set eyes are very universal as they just sit back further in the skull, but they look good with a longer lash with light to full volume, depending on your preference. Our favorite lash for this eye shape is our Sweetheart because it's a natural volume and a long beautiful lash. Our Flirty lash is also a great option because it has longer lashes towards the center of the band, giving a stunning doll eye effect.

Downturned eyes are so fun to play around with lashes because you can fully transform your shape with a beautiful pair of cat-eye lashes. Our favorites are half lashes but we also offer full strip lashes with a cat-eye effect. For corner lashes, we recommend our Venomous and Catty as they naturally lift the outer corner to lift your eye. For a full strip, we love our Devilish, Promiscuous and Rebel. You don't want too much volume with downturned eyes as it will weigh your eyelids even more. So Devilish is the most volume we would go for as it's a medium volume and natural length lash. Our Promiscuous is a beautiful short to long gradient, giving a very natural cat-eye. Our Rebel is the most natural strip lash since it has staggered lash lengths to seamlessly blend with your natural lash while still providing a lifted effect.

Upturned eyes are basically almond-shaped eyes but with a lifted outer corner. We love seeing classic winged lashes like a few that we have already mentioned for this eye shape, such as our Devilish. Using any cat-eye lash will work for you! You may be seeing a trend and that is getting a lifted effect, and you're right! A lifted effect gives the illusion of a more youthful glow. So for upturned, any natural gradient or cat-eye lash is perfect. Other lashes to try out for this shape would be Troublemaker and Badass since they are both pretty natural but have a soft length gradient to lift the outer corner of the eye.

Round eyes have a beautiful deep dimension to them! They are big and bold! So you have to match the perfect lashes with this beautiful shape! To enhance these eyes' depth, don't go overboard with dramatic volume lashes. We love a good doll eyelash which means more length towards the center of the band. For that effect, our Sexy is the boldest lash to go for as it is pretty dramatic but still wearable, and our Flirty, which is a more natural version and a bit wispier so it's easy to wear every day!


Like the photos above, these celebrities all have different eye shapes, meaning they all have different makeup and lashes that work best for them. Have you ever had a friend that couldn't wear eyeliner because it would smudge easily? Eye shapes generally depict how your eye makeup is placed. Some of the most common celebrity eye shapes that you will see are:

  • Kendall Jenner: Almond

This means Kendall goes for a more smoked-out eyeshadow look and lifted cat-eye lash to go with her lifted brows. She tends to go for a more natural lash like Individual lashes or light volume lashes like our Petite Lashes such as Precious.

  • Camille Belle: Downturned

She tends to darken her look on her outer corner and lower lash line to bring more attention to uplifting her outer corner. She likes wispy lashes but lighter volume because if you add too much weight with lashes, this can make it look more downturned. We recommend trying a soft corner lash or Individuals to enhance a natural mascara look.

  • Blake Lively: Hooded

A beautiful and mysterious eye shape gives Blake a great blank slate. She likes a soft and natural eye look with a wispy lash blended into her natural lashes. She seems to be a keen fan of wispy lashes since they don't add a lot of weight, but they add light volume and length, making her eyes seem a bit bigger. We would recommend our Individual lashes or our Classy lashes.

  • Mila Kunis: Round

Forever girl crush Mila Kunis loves her eyeliner and smokey shadows. With that, she tends to wear some long light to medium volume lashes. With this, we recommend a petite lash like Delicate or Precious, especially if you want a smokey eye.

  • Lucy Liu: Monolid 

Monolids are absolutely beautiful and allow for so many different looks. Again don't go for too much volume, but a light and fluffy lash is perfect!

  • Beyonce: Upturned 

Who doesn't love Beyonce? She is literally FLAWLESS! Her eye makeup is untouchable. She tends to keep it natural and bronzy with a soft lash. When she is wearing lashes, it looks to be a sassy corner lash! Try our Venomous lashes for a wispy soft corner lash look.

  • Angelina Jolie: Deep Set

This beautiful actress has always been a fan of a cat-eye look because of her deep-set eyes. It looks like she likes a little bit of length and light volume to keep it as natural as possible. We recommend our Catty, trim it to your lash line size, and get her look!


Strip lashes are the easiest way to change your look, especially when you understand your eye shape. Our biggest tip is to find a lash that looks appealing to you and give it a try! You should always trim your lashes to ensure that they fit your lash line since we have different eye shapes and eye sizes. Trimming your lashes can change the shape of the lash and how it looks on the eye, so be sure you make them even and plan accordingly for your eye shape. 

If you feel like you have a mix of different eye shapes, that is normal, so don't stress! That is beautiful, and there's always a solution to finding the perfect lashes for your eye shape. With that, if you feel like you need something a little more custom but have a look in mind of how you want your eyes to look, we can help! 


Have you ever heard of Individual lashes? But not just any Individual lashes, Individual lash clusters? This creation has completely changed the strip lash game. Although they are still considered strip lashes, they are fully customizable and reusable, just like all other lashes Lavaa Beauty offers!

We offer a full set of individual lashes that comes in a 60-piece set that ranges from 8mm lashes in length to 14mm lashes in length with 15 pieces of each length, so you have so many to use and customize with. The worst thing is not having enough lashes to create a complete look, so we made sure that you can make a natural "barely there" look or a full-volume lash look. Each individual is faux mink with a beautiful natural curl. They are equally as reusable as the other strip lashes. 

This can be considered a better option if you don't know if short or long, natural or voluminous lashes work for your eye shape. A lot of the time, if you don't know what shape you have, this is a great start. Also fun!

Like all of our other lashes we offer, these are natural in length and wearable for everyday use. Everyone should have a set of our Independent Individual Clusters because you can always add volume to your strip lashes with these if you feel like you need more drama. 

Needless to say, there are endless options to choose from, but take a minute and analyze your eyes and see if any of the eye shapes listed above fit you; if not, try out some Individual lashes first to play with different lash shapes to see what works best for natural eye shape. 

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