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Lavaa Beauty Turns 5!!! 🥰 🎂

Babes, Lavaa is turning 5 June 4th 2021! We are half a decade in already... How?! We’re so excited to share all the new things coming for Lavaa this year because trust me we’re doing it BIG! This is an exclusive birthday since we just transitioned from Lavaa Lashes to Lavaa Beauty!! It’s been a long time coming and there is so much to share! Since our birthday is in June, which is summer time, you will definitely catch us wearing and showing off our newer Petite 3D Mink Collection.

Every year we think about how much Lavaa has changed and grown and this year above others is definitely game changing. So much is happening and we can’t spill the beans quite yet you just have to pay attention:). Make sure to follow the journey because you won’t want to miss it! We’re also giving back to our Lavaa Babes that week because we wouldn’t be here without all of you. We are so grateful for your feedback, love, creative posts of our babes, etc. We are so ready to include you in Lavaa Beauty!

I know I know, enough simping... We want to also tell you our fav lashes currently which is all 3 from our Petite 3D Mink Collection! The lashes included in the collection are “Cute” “Delicate” and “Modest.” The perfect trio for all of our natural baddies and our trendy babes that are all about the barely there glam trend that’s rocking social media this summer! Each individual lash is curated to be short/medium length but you can still choose more natural and more dramatic. Our most natural is “Delicate” it’s a very soft lash, with small clusters to add flare to the lash line. It’s great for people who don’t want to commit to a whole lash or dramatic style but still want that definition. “Modest” and “Cute” are very similar in that they are more intense than “Delicate” but “Modest” is our fluffy more dramatic natural lash, and “Cute” is our medium lash. These three styles are show-stopping on everyone!! We love seeing more people rock this collection because it fits perfectly with 2021 trends.
With that, we are so thankful for our Lavaa Babes that have been here since we first started, and even our newest babes that just found us! We are so excited to bring you on this ride of glam, glam and more glam! Make sure to follow us on all of our platforms and sign up for our email list to be informed about exclusive deals! Welcome to Lavaa Beauty turns 5! Xoxo
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