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Mink Lashes are Perfect for Any Elements 

It’s been a hot summer as usual here in Los Angeles, and with that comes the common makeup malfunctions. Even with all of the setting spray, eyeshadow primer, and any other go-to’s you use to keep your makeup fresh, it’s inevitable that your makeup is going to get smeared after a few hours in the sun, especially mascara. Mascara has ingredients in it that aren’t meant to hold up in the heat, wind, or any harsh weather elements. When combined with these elements, you’re constantly checking your lashes for any smudging. The hotter it is, the more likely your mascara is smearing onto your eyeshadow as well, causing a dingy look that’s not easy to fix. When constantly cleaning it up and reapplying, the mascara weakens your eyelashes, making them brittle and dry. Ditch the mascara tube and move on to 100% mink lashes to survive the SoCal heat waves in style.

Styles for Fall 

We love the late summer breeze that gives way to cooler evenings in September. The in-between Summer and Fall temperatures here in Los Angeles are the perfect time to bring out the warm, sunset-inspired palettes. Currently, we’re crushing on dark red shadows and our always incredible Heartbreaker Lashes. Shades of red aren’t always easy to pull off when you’re worried about your mascara smudging in the heat and smearing onto your eyelids. Mink lashes always look fresh, no matter what the temperature is. 

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Look Good and Feel Good with Flawless Mink Lashes 

Nothing is worse than having a busy day and worrying about your makeup smudging in the heat. Putting on your makeup in the morning and not thinking twice about it the rest of the day is always the goal but of course, this isn’t always the case. Trying to maintain a fresh face in a heatwave leads to the stress of blotting and reapplying mascara. Switching to mink lashes is a game-changer and not just in the heat, but for flawless, effortless beauty year-round, in any conditions. 

Subtle Glam for Work and Beyond 

A common misconception about false eyelashes is that they’re intended to be for super glam special occasions and are noticeably fake. While we love our glam at Lavaa Lashes, we also make more conservative and subtle, yet still incredibly gorgeous, styles of mink lashes. Our most recent collection, the Petite 3D Mink Collection, is perfect for professional settings and modest looks. 

The Cute lashes from the Petite 3D Mink Collection are the perfect light-to-medium lashes for a more subtle and professional look. Perfect for meeting with clients, job interviews, and any setting where you’d feel more comfortable rocking a lighter (yet still glam!) lash. The Cute lash has a heavier wing to accentuate the shape of your eyes with a shorter base to mimic natural lashes. They’re also perfect in the L.A. heat as they feel light and fresh all-day with our signature Eyelash Adhesive.

Shop our entire collection of mink lashes for every occasion-glam, professional, and everything in between!

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