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Lavaa's Wedding Season Style Picks! 💍💞

We have missed you guys!!! We’re back this week with a little different vibe! If you haven’t seen already summer, but it’s WEDDING SZN! Lots of brides are on the hunt for the perfect lashes for their big day! With planning a wedding it’s hard to know who to trust with you lashes and nails, but we have a range of styles to choose from! Our lashes and nails are made to be wearable by the everyday baddie, so there’s never anything too extra or over the top.

First things first are the lashes.. Yes everyone is looking at the perfect ring that your significant other picked out but babes your eyes are the window to your soul especially on your big day. You need to have a lash that will give enough definition on camera, but not be overbearing in real life. The best wedding lashes are from our Petite Collection because the range is perfect with just 4 lash styles! Our “Cute” style is perfect for brides that want a full lash but not super long. It’s a more tame style than our “Modest” which is more fluffy and wispy with its fuller effect on the eye. There is a super simple delicate style, called “Delicate” which gives perfect definition to what you already have but levels up your glam! This style is short in length, and light in volume but flared to bring out the outer corners of your eyes for that foxy effect. Speaking of foxy, we added our “Venomous” corner lash to the Petite Collection as well! This lash is FIRE and really makes your life easy because you don’t really need to trim it to fit your eye, and it flares at the end but gives you a natural gradient from your natural lashes to falsies! Never underestimate a “Petite” lash babes, try it out for yourself!

Your ring is essential on your big day but so are clean and pretty nails! Well now we offer short, oval, and long press-on nails! The quality is out of this world honestly, and the color choices and styles are super inclusive. There’s a style for everyone. I would recommend a beautiful ombré French or regular French tip nail to elongate your fingers when you’re taking your ring photos! We have numerous French styles in all sizes, but if you’re a more colorful gal, then we have sooo many to choose from. Even if you’re wanting glitter or blues, reds, or pointy nails even! You have to check out the site to find your perfect fit! Make sure to tag us in those stunning ring photos this summer with your glam Lavaa nails!
Lashes and Nails are on your list of essentials when packing for a wedding, even as a guest. I attended a few weddings this summer and I have my go to set. I’ll give you my secret, I guess.. My go to lash is “Venomous” because it can be worn day or night, and my go to nail? It’s “Nude Mood” which is a short ombré French style that looks good with any color dress, suit, hairstyle, occasion, you name it!
Have the best summer babes, and let us see those stunning summer looks, we can’t wait! Sending love always!
Xoxo, Lavaa
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