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Make the Most of Your Mink Eyelashes With the Right Accessories

False lashes, just like any other beauty accessory, are more than just the piece itself. In order for them to work optimally, you are likely to need a few add-ons. Not that they are always vital, but they at least make the experience of using them a lot more comfortable and effective. That is why, along with our gorgeous collection of mink eyelashes, we provide the necessary accessories for you to be able to enjoy them to their full potential.

Eyelash Adhesive

Of course, whenever you are using mink eyelashes, you are going to be needing adhesive to keep them where they should be. Some people who aren’t used to using false lashes tend to forget that they need something to attach the lashes in the first place. In order to make things easy for our customers, we have lash adhesive readily available on our website for you to include with your purchase. Our Lavaa Beauty Lash Adhesive is clear and water-proof, free of any latex, formaldehyde, parabens, and similar harmful components. We have developed it to be as long-lasting and effective as an eyelash adhesive can possibly be. After all, what is the point of good lashes if they don’t stay on?

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Precision Tweezers and Applicators

Some people have enough experience using false lashes that they can easily apply them with their own hands. Most people, however, can’t do that comfortably. And that’s understandable! Applying false lashes is not exactly easy, especially if you don’t use them that often. That is why our gold plated lash applicator can be such a great tool at the time of wearing your false lashes. If you don’t necessarily need an applicator but instead just need some precision assistance, we have our special Lavaa Beauty tweezers. These precision tweezers are perfectly aligned for optimal detailed use and true accuracy during application. Both tools are always readily available on our website for you to include with your purchase. Some of our sets even include an applicator for you to get new lashes along with it.

Eyelash Curler

The point of false lashes is for them to enjoy a nice lush curl. This is why you enhance your natural lashes with some of our mink eyelashes, after all. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a good curl with your own natural ones as well. That’s why we offer an eyelash curler that can work with both natural and artificial eyelashes. With its customized silicone band, the curler doesn’t pull at the time of curling. This avoids both pulling on your delicate natural lashes and damaging false ones. So if you are looking to enhance your own lashes or to replenish the curl in your artificial ones after a few uses, our Lavaa Beauty curler can get you the look you are looking for. 

Accessories for Your Mink Eyelashes

At Lavaa Lashes, we make sure to provide you with the best mink eyelashes for you to look and feel your best. Along with them, we also offer a variety of different accessories that can help you make the most of your purchase. Just like the lashes themselves, these accessories are durable, long-lasting, and well-priced. The best part? They are all readily available on our website.

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