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Nail Application & Care

Welcome back babes, we are back this week with a very hot topic here at Lavaa Beauty and that is how our nails last and how to get the best use out of them. We know that press on nails seem like they’re only to be worn for a day or two but our styles specifically have been made to last the full two weeks, directly replacing your need for the nail salon! Below we are going to get into how to keep them in tip top shape for the whole two weeks.

First off when purchasing our nails you will receive the nails, and extras for more sizing and replacements for any nails that get damaged over the duration of the wear. As well as the nails you will get a small nail file, nail glue, alcohol swab, and a cuticle stick to help your application. These are put in there for a reason, so let’s get into it. When you start applying you will first want to wipe down your natural nails with the alcohol wipe to remove any bacteria, oil or lingering residue from the day. Then you SHOULD file your natural nails lightly on the tips as well on the full nail making it a smooth surface to minimize air bubbles, and to keep it on longer. After that it is your choice to use the manicure stick to push your cuticles back just to get the full salon affect. Now that you are clean and prepped for the nails you can start applying the nails as you like with a small drop of glue on each finger. Our trick is to apply directly to you own nail and then place the press on right on top, in general it stays on longer.

The nails are on but now you want to keep them in tact, so our biggest advice to you is to avoid soaking in oil or doing any strenuous activity like building things, and washing dishes because duh you’re a hot girl.. No but treat them like any acrylic or gel nail and apply them according to our directions and they will last. Just like lashes, it’s really all in how you treat them.

We are always hearing you guys rave about our nails and we know we were out of your favorites for awhile but Vampira, Pumpkin Spice and a few others are BACK so make sure to take a look to get yours before they sell out again! Thank you for always showing your continuous support on our social channels and through our online store, we love each and every one of you. Continue to tag us and hashtag #lavaababe on your posts to help us see your posts! Sending all of our love!
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