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National Lash Day (Feb 19th)

Did you hear? National Lash Day is approaching! We have some flaunting to do about Lavaa. Many of you ask for the best of the brand, so today in honor of National Lash Day were sharing.:)

Not only are we spilling our favs of all time, but they can also be used as some gift recommendations for any occasion (because why not)!


We’re going to be real with you, we have a few absolute ride or dies on our site right now, and luckily our customers have the same taste which is part of the reason why we love our #lavaababes ! Let’s go by each of our fav collections currently.. To start, let’s do our Exclusive 3D Mink Collection. If you guys are true Lavaa addicts like us, and follow us on IG you have obviously seen our Heartbreaker style killing it on our Lavaa Babes. It is such a dramatic baddie lash with layers of lashes and wispiness. Each individual lash on the band are so full and fluffy for our glam babes! You can shop one that’s similar which is Mischief, that is known to be fluffy and layered but more long towards the outer corner of the eye which is more lifting to the eye! And then.. Are you ready? The fluffy and full of all dramatic lashes is Sexy. It’s so full throughout and really does that something to your glam to make it EXTRA.

Mischief Heartbreaker

We understand that not everyone wants the biggest lashes for everyday, so trust me we got you. Our Sweetheart is the most beautiful style for our more subtle babes. Sweetheart is so wispy and full but it isn’t as thick as the others, and it just elongates the eye to give you a foxy look. Angelic is our other favorite subtle glam lash because it’s just wispy and full but more separated to make it more wearable but still glam.

Honestly babes, there are soooo many styles we love in our Exclusive 3D Mink Collection but we don’t want to overwhelm you with just the one collection.:)


We’ve shown you the more dramatic lashes, but in case you hadn’t heard we have a collection called the Petite 3D Mink Collection which showcases a clean and extension like effect with a seamless application. This collection is flawless due to the fact that the lash band is Invisible, meaning it gives you that lash extension vibe by looking like they are your lashes. First off our Modest is probably our best seller from this collection, as it’s so voluminous and gives a real lash extension effect by the lashes being separated to open the eyes. Cute and Darling are the top two most loved from this collection, as they both have the perfect volume and length, but Delicate has more of a wispy effect with a lighter volume.

Some days we want the most dramatic crazy lash and other days we like a more wispy effect to accentuate our prettiest features. Who else is like this?


We’re going to end this off with our Faux Mink Collection, because we know some people would rather use an alternative to actual Mink lashes. We believe that the quality still needed to be there, so we perfected these Faux Mink styles for our more conscientious lash addicts.

Our most popular styles that have been given as gifts and bought in bulk by our true Faux Mink lovers, are Faux Devilish, Jolie and Honey. Each of these lashes are full and fluffy but they have a layered effect to give the mink look, and especially Faux Devilish as our best seller from this collection. Faux Devilish is a perfect medium lash to grab attention without starting drama if you know what we mean. This style is beautiful for babes who want to feel sexy but not too much, this is wearable for everyday. Jolie and Honey are more “snatchural” as they lift the eye. Honey is the more dramatic lash but still with a beautiful wispy effect. Lastly our Jolie doesn’t really need any explanation, as it’s just too good! Our Lavaa babes wear this lash religiously! It’s perfect for anyone who loves makeup/lashes, it fits any eye shape, and gives you the perfect hint of seduction.

Lima Theron

We know we have so many styles to choose from, but thankfully all of them have equal love by our fans at Lavaa. Our favorites always change depending on our personal styles and trends that are happening, so we’re curious to know your favorite styles right now. Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@lavaabeauty) Tik Tok( and Twitter (@lavaabeauty). We have also started uploading on YouTube again for more lash knowledge that you may need to get inspiration for holidays, parties, dates, and just being a bomb lash babe. We love all of you, and we will be back with more Lavaa Talks soon! ;)





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