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Many people ask what is the difference between salon nails and press ons, as well as why would I replace my nail tech? We love all of the nail techs out there! But we are a huge fan of switching up our style and are pretty impatient to sit in a chair for an hour plus, sometimes 2 hours to have a set we only love for a week or so. 

Press On nails can last up to 3 weeks depending on how you care for them which is a complete game changer since it only takes 5 minutes to apply them! We all know that feeling of not getting the exact shape or color you ask for at the salon but with each of our press on nail sets we include a nail file to perfect the nails once they are applied. 

Another huge plus of press on nails vs getting your nails done at a salon is the health and well-being of your natural nails.. Its easy to want to get your nails done every 2 weeks but each time you go you are tearing down your nail and damaging the integrity  which can lead to infection or weak nails. With press ons you wear them until they fall off or you want to remove them. To remove we have a few tricks, one being vegetable oil or Argan oil to loosen the glue grip to remove easier without hurting your natural nail underneath. Even if you were to take your press on nails off sooner than 2-3 weeks you wouldn't damage your natural nails! 

Cost is a huge difference between salon nails and press ons.. Nowadays salons charge minimum $30 for a basic manicure and for acrylics or gel its $50-$400 depending on what you are looking to get done, and then you have to fill them every 2-3 weeks. That is a lot of money lost on nails that might break, because yes we have all been there.. Lavaa Beauty Press On Nails range from $18-$28 and can last 2-3 weeks per pair with proper care..

Our conclusion is Lavaa Beauty Press On Nails will change your life, time, and money habits! Make sure to shop your favorites now! Below are a few of our best selling styles as well as our newest drop! 

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