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FREE Fast Shipping on U.S. orders over $65+


Welcome back Lavaa Babes! We are pumped for this week! PRIDE is here and we are so happy to see all of the looks being created and genuine Pride being shown. We are going to do a deep dive into some easy and fun looks you can create not only this month but anytime you want to switch up your look! 

First off which is an obvious choice is our Multi Gem pack with 900pcs and a perfect rainbow of gems to use! We highly recommend using your favorite colors in a rounded application under your brow, in the middle of your lid to give a lifted and fun effect, perfect for any pride events you have going on! 

You can easily mix our face gems with our Sunset Palette because it has a beautiful mix of colors and finishes to add more drama to your look. I would recommend using our Extra, Retrograde, and Passion to base a look off of. 

Lastly, for easy and stunning lashes we recommend our Corner lashes which are easy to apply, and last all day since you don’t have to worry about the inner corner lifting up. Our cult fav is our Venomous which also comes in Brown Faux now! We are having a huge sale since Lavaa just turned 6!!! To celebrate our Birthday we are having our biggest sale yet! Make sure to shop it at! We can’t wait to see all of your looks on Instagram and TIKTOK! Make sure to tag us to be featured! 💗


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