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Proper Care Means Longer Wear For False Lashes

How To Take Care of Your Lashes to Ensure Longer Wear 

Past experiences with false lashes have likely led to frustration and wasted money. When you make the switch to 100% pure mink hair lashes, you’ll never settle for less than the best again. There are a number of steps to ensure that your Lavaa Lashes last their full lifetime. 

Less eye makeup on lashes will also prevent damage and premature wear. Truly, you don’t even need mascara when using Lavaa Lashes. Applying mascara to your lashes prior to applying false lashes is the best option to keep your lashes safe and non clumpy.

Lavaa Lashes

The Right Tools For Applying Your Lashes

Lashes are only as good as their glue! Our latex-free Lavaa Lashes Eyelash Adhesive is available for purchase on our Accessories section of the Shop page. This formula is specifically designed for 100% pure mink hair lashes. Just like our mink lashes, it’s a natural formula that’s latex, paraben-free, and waterproof. Another product you want in your lash kit is our lash applicator. This is a great tool to use if you’re a beginner and need a hassle-free application as it greatly speeds up the process. Over time, as you gain more experience with applying lashes, you may not need the applicator tool, though it’s always smart to use it to avoid touching your eyes and get the most professional look possible. Always remember to clean your tools after each use! 

Removing Your Lashes 

To prolong the life and curl of the 3D Mink lashes, the adhesive bond should be taken off with tweezers and then stored in their magnetic box that they come in. When removing lashes, it’s important to peel them off from the lash band to extend the life of your lashes. Mink hair is very delicate, that’s why these lashes look far more natural than your basic synthetic false lashes. Pulling on the hairs, whether you’re taking them out of the tray or off of your eye, will cause damage to the false lashes. Remember, they are delicate and should be treated as so. 

Proper Storage is an Important Step in the Care Process  

We always recommend storing your lashes in the case we provide. Make sure you store them in a dark, dry place so the lashes won’t shrink or be damaged by water. It’s important to remember that Lavaa Lashes are made from 100% mink hair or faux mink, so they are not synthetic like many false lashes you may have seen or worn in the past. While this means they have to be treated with the utmost care, it also means you’re getting top of the line lashes that not only look beautiful but are far safer for your eyes as well. 

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