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Quarantine Life Can Be Glamorous Too With Heartbreaker Lashes

During the first few weeks of the stay-at-home orders back in March, you may have indulged in wearing sweats and no makeup if you were home all day. It probably felt like a nice break from your usual routine of getting up, putting on work clothes, and doing a full makeup routine. Now, as the weeks of social distancing are ticking by, you’re probably starting to miss your glam look. Lavaa Lashes’ most popular set, the Heartbreaker lashes, are the perfect addition to your makeup collection to make you feel extra fine again!

Heartbreaker lashes

Highlight Your Eyes While Your Face is Covered

Wearing a mask is never comfortable, especially during a pandemic when you have to wear it everywhere. The worst part? They cover up half of your makeup. Fortunately, they’ve become quite stylish as the weeks of the pandemic go by (shoutout to everyone who is sewing them!) and you can find plenty with unique patterns and prints. What better a time to highlight your eyes than when a mask is part of your daily apparel. 100% pure mink eyelashes paired with your most protective mask is as stylish as it gets during a pandemic. 

Virtual Happy Hour Lashes

For many of us, Happy Hour is the only social experience we have each week, and possibly the only time people outside your home are seeing your gorgeous face! Why not get glammed up for virtual cocktails and catching up with friends? Keep your brand consistent with fresh lashes that’ll make all your happy hour participants jealous. 

Youtube Tutorials

Feel like you’ve mastered your glam look and want to share your routine? Now is a great time to start a Youtube Channel for your makeup tutorials! With all the extra time at home, plenty of makeup gurus are searching for new looks online to show off when the quarantine era is over. Additionally, beginners are looking for tips and tricks in applying their lashes. Trying out a few of our sets on camera, like the Angelic or Heartbreaker lashes, is a great way to show fans what they’re really like. If you’ve been looking to dip into the influencer world, now is the time! 

Boost Your Mood 

That cheesy quote is true, happy girls are the prettiest girls! Nothing boosts our mood at Lavaa Lashes like taking our time with our makeup routine. In a way, it’s therapeutic and during these strange times, it helps us decompress and feel like we have a little more control. If you’ve been feeling down, one of the easiest ways to boost your mood is to do a little self-care makeup routine. Our Heartbreaker lashes will have you feeling yourself again with their full volume and incredibly sexy aesthetic! 

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