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Most of us go through phases of wanting different nail shapes and sizes, from the short and square style to long stiletto nails. The road to finding your favorite nails is not always easy, but you can learn one or two things that make sure your press-on nails turn out flawless.

A Comparison Of Short And Long Nails on artificial nails for sale

Which Are Safer?

When choosing between long and short nails, there are a few things to consider. Short nails are easier if you have a lot to do with your hands or handle fragile things like babies, medical patients, or beauty clients. Short nails won't bother you when you are doing routine house chores and are the better option if you desire comfortability.


Should you have any hygiene concerns? Hygiene is the primary consideration when comparing different nail lengths because longer nails require more cleaning opposed to short nails. It is much less maintenance with short nails but with every nail length you have to keep clean and maintain. 


How many times do you have to deal with breaking nails? The experience could be different if you already know how to work around things with longer nails. On the other hand, people who are only used to short nails will take a while to learn how to maneuver long nails, but just like anything else you will learn with time.


Questions to ask yourself.. What do you do regularly? Do you play a musical instrument? Are you always in the gym? Do you work in a trendy beauty shop? All of these situations will warrant you to get different types of nails, so be sure to consider all of them to find the perfect nails for your lifestyle.

The best way to decide is by getting inspiration from our Instagram (@lavaabeauty) or Tiktok ( Check out for more styles to choose from.

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