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Start Your New Year Right! 💝 With Lavaa Beauty

Hi beautiful babes! Welcome back, today were going to help you slay your New Years goals and looks! We're ready for 2022 and we hope you are too! To make sure this is your best year yet, we have some tips and tricks up our sleeves. Not only can you change your look this upcoming year but you can also change your mindset. Here at Lavaa we are an all woman team including in our supply chain. We know that the New Year means a NEW start.

Lets start off with some glam tips for NYE and to have throughout your year.. We know corner lashes have been the trend during 2020-2021 but they're here to stay and we can't get enough of our Catty and Venomous styles! Natural doesn't have to be boring, you can always add a fun little brown/black cat eye liner to intensify your day to day glam, or smoke it out with some brown eyeshadow and get the celebrity fox eye effect. Lashes can change your face, your glam from day to night, and your mood let's be honest. If you're craving a heavier style try our Honey from our Faux collection its medium volume and has v shaped clusters to blend better to your natural lashes. These are perfect for any type of glam but definitely give a little bit more drama than our corner styles. Pair these with a beautiful brown smokey eye, or a eye catching cut crease with a pop of color.. You won't regret it.

Now on to our New Years Resolutions and Dreams.. You have the power to create the life you want to live, we wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for our #LavaaBabes and we are so thankful, and cannot wait to show you what is coming in 2022. Make sure to treat yourself to time away from social media and comparing yourself to others, make this year yours! Everything starts from nothing, and only you are standing in your way so make your dreams happen. As a team of women we have connected on making our work place, our brand, and our message continuously better, as we evolve. We are so proud to be a team full of women, and minority owned thriving in 2021 and into the awaiting future.

A big thank you and Happy New Year is in order to our Lavaa babes. Thank you for watching us grow another year and change so much in just 1 year. We went from Lavaa Lashes to Lavaa Beauty, we launched beauty products and an extensive faux lash line, and we have a team working hard everyday to make these products a dream come true. With that, we have so much to show you in the next year, that we can't wait for, and all we have to say is stay tuned and a big thank you to all of our supporters.

XOXO Lavaa Team
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