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The Amazing Benefits of Stick on Nails and How to Use Them

Did you know that there are about 24,740 nail salons in the U.S alone? Yet, many of these businesses are slowing down for many different reasons. Some say it's because of COVID. However, the main reason is that stick-on nails are becoming more popular.

And for good reason, the first being they aren't just a cheap product anymore. So if you want to learn more about the benefits of stick-on nails, then keep reading!

How Long Do Press On Nails Last?

Press-on nails can last anywhere between a week or two. It all depends on the glue and the quality of the nail. But there are ways to extend the longevity of the nail.

For starters, by rubbing your nail bed with alcohol, the nail will stay longer. The alcohol removes any dirt or oils, which allows the glue to lay better.

Another way to extend your press-on nails is by adding a thin layer of glue onto the fake nail and your real nail. By doing so, the press on nail will have 2 layers of adhesive to bond into.

And once you have your nails glued on; you should avoid getting your hands wet for at least 2 hours! Doing so will allow the adhesive to fully dry and set.

Lastly, you should avoid using your nails for opening up hard surfaces or scratching. These activities will cause friction which will loosen the adhesive layer. If you follow all of these steps, your nails could last up to 2 weeks. And they are still very easy to take off when you desire.

Health Benefits of Stick on Nails

Many people are not aware of the dangers of nail salon nails. Many of the products used in salons can cause respiratory problems and even cancer.

Not to mention, some salons don't follow protocol which can lead to infections and even diseases. So by opting for press-on nails, you can reduce your chances of these ailments.

You'll Save a Ton of Money

Getting your nails done can rack up to be a lot of money. And you also have to tip your nail stylist. Luckily, one of the benefits of stick-on nails is the price difference.

They can range anywhere from 5 to 16 dollars, and they can last for weeks. So over time, you will be saving so much time and money.

Safer for Your Cuticles

Salon nails use a heavy adhesive to allow the product to stick on the nail bed. However, this can cause severe damage to the cuticles and nails, especially when it's time for the nail to come off.

Some people even get so desperate that they rip the nail off. And all of these practices will cause severe damage to the nail bed. Luckily, press-on nails are not as harsh and come off fairly easy.

Multiple Styles for Any Occasion

We have all got our nails done for a certain even. However, once the event is over, you may hard it find to match your nails to your everyday outfits. And this can be very annoying, especially if you have different events going.

For example, let's say you're going to a wedding on Saturday and you need a nude nail. And then on Sunday, you're going to a rock concert, and you want colorful nails.

Well, with press-on nails, you can do both looks without breaking the bank.

Press-on nails are easy to take off and put on, so you can do multiple nail styles throughout the week.

Easily Accessible and No Appointment Needed

Booking an appointment for a nail salon can be annoying. Not to mention, many of the time, they are already booked. Thankfully, press-on nails are very accessible. So if you've been wondering where to get stick-on nails, then you can look online.

The best online salons will have an array of nail designs for you to choose from. And you can shop for them all from the comfort of your home.

No Skill Needed

Painting your own nails can get messy! And no one wants to pay $40 for a simple manicure. But with press-on nails, you can get a salon-like nail in minutes.

And the best part is that it requires no skill or prior knowledge. All you do is trim your natural nails first. And then, you simply apply the glue on your nails and press the fake nail in. In some cases, the press on nails requires no glue because they are already self-adhesive.

Reduce Work Trafficking

Believe it or not, many salons profit from labor trafficking. Meaning they bring in illegal workers and underpay them. Not only is this extremely illegal, but the working conditions for these workers are not up to code.

In some cases, the person was brought against their will. Or they are promised a livable wage, which never comes true.

And sadly, any tip that you leave for them may not even end up in their hands. So by ending your business with these establishments, it reduces trafficking rates.

Great for Corporate Workers

Nurses, lab workers, and child care workers cannot get their nails done. In fact, many of these workers cannot even paint their nails because of contamination purposes.

Thankfully, press-on nails are the perfect substitute for any occasion. They can quickly be put on after a shift. And then they can be removed without a trace.

The Best Nails of Your Life

You might still be wondering, "should I use stick-on nails". But the answer is yes. They are affordable, stylish, and long-lasting. So why wouldn't you ditch the salon and start buying stick-on nails instead?

So if you're ready to have the most beautiful nails of your life, visit our services page for a full list of products.
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