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The Best Gifts Come in Lavaa Lashes Sets

Looking for a Christmas gift for the beauty queen in your life just got way easier. Lavaa Lashes Sets are perfect for those who can’t live without their false eyelashes. We’re so excited the holidays are here to bring us all some joy, happy vibes, and gorgeous looks. Even if your gatherings are smaller this year, it’s still the perfect time to show off your favorite 3D Lashes. This season, we’re crushing on some of our all-time favorites like the Heartbreaker lashes and some gorgeous new looks like the Charm lashes. 

3D lashes

The Three Besties Set

The Three Besties Set is perfect for true glam lovers as it includes the Heartbreaker, Flirty, and Troublemaker lashes. These 3D lashes are stacked to add volume and definition to her eyes. We love this combination because it’s so versatile for many different looks. The Heartbreaker lashes are the fullest and most dense lashes in this set, perfect for a truly glam look. The fluffy lashes placed in v-shaped clusters are super flirty and fun. They stand out in person and in photos (great for holiday Instagram posts!) 

We included Troublemaker Lashes in this set because they have the illusion of a naturally fuller lash. The shape of this lash accentuates and blends with your natural eyelash shape. The length increases from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner for a beautiful and natural looking criss-cross pattern. 

This set wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the Flirty lash, one of our most popular, must-have styles for lash lovers. The ultra wispy lashes have long and short mink hairs that will have her batting her eyes just for fun. They’re as flirty as they sound!

The Lavaa Babes Set

Another perfect Christmas gift your beauty queen! Just like our Lavaa Babes Set includes the glamorous Heartbreaker lashes along with the Sweetheart lashes and Angelic lashes. Sweetheart lashes are a go-to lash for everyday glam. They’re similar to the Heartbreaker lashes with the v-shaped clusters but aren’t quite as dense. They blend perfectly with her natural lashes for a subtle yet seductive look. 

Our fluffiest 3D lashes at Lavaa Lashes is the ever-so-beautiful and flirty Angelic lash. Most of our lashes accentuate the outer corner of your eye, but the Angelic lashes hold their length in the middle of the band for a naturally voluminous look. She’ll love the versatility of these lashes when you gift her the Lavaa Babes Set this year. Perfectly Glam Gifts at Lavaa Beauty  

If your lash lover received the October Boyxcharm set, she’ll remember the gorgeous Charm lashes. These faux mink lashes look like the real deal with the fluffy and soft hairs that compliment any eye shape. Surprise her with another pair this Christmas for beautiful yet effortless looking lashes. 

3D lashes are the best gift for any beauty queen in your life. Check out our collection for beautiful and glamorous false lashes for any occasion this holiday season. 

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