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Alright babes, we’re back this week with an in depth explanation on how to style our lashes to your eye shape. Lavaa lashes are mostly universal to wear since they are on the lighter volume side and medium length but it’s all preference and making sure to you fit the lash to YOUR eye.

To break it down, there are almond, round, up turned, down turned, close set, wide set, monolids, and hooded eyes. Every eye shape can look different depending on their makeup, and lashes. The trick is finding the perfect lash to accent your eye shape. We will start with Almond Eyes since they are known as the most universally desired eye shape because you can really do whatever you want to this shape. For the most part people with almond eyes usually go for more of a cat eye lash where the length gradually increases from inner to outer corner. A perfect example of a lash for this eye shape would be “Rebel” as its lighter in volume towards the inner corner and grows into more volume and length at the outer corner bringing attention to the almond shape.

Many people struggle with styling down turned eyes but if you think about it you basically just want to lift the eye and the best way to do that is by having a lash that is longer towards the outer corners, and by placing the lash a little bit above your lash line on the outer corner of YOUR eye. The perfect lash for this would be “Classy” as its lighter in volume but longer towards the outer corner to bring the attention to the middle of the eye.
Lastly, monolids are a topic of conversation in the lash community since you need a more specific style for it to not get lost in the lid. It’s the same for hooded eyes, as the lid over directs so your lashes and eye makeup are simply covered by skin, so the best way to create your favorite look with this eye shape is to bring in a fuller lash style, with longer length. The reason for this is that monolids will even take some of the length away so it’s important to use a fuller, longer lash to add definition to this eye shape. The perfect lash for this shape would be “Angelic” since it’s more dramatic but it will give a nice natural enhancement to monolid eyes.
There are so many eye shapes and they can all look different depending on your makeup and lash tricks that you do, but we wanted to mention the 3 that confuse people the most. Make sure to watch our YouTube videos where we speak more in depth and demonstrate how to enhance your eye. Follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter for more information. Slay the week babes!
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