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Lavaa Beauty's Flirty Lashes

Ladies, it's time to talk lashes. Between 2019 and 2024, the lashes industry is expected to reach $1.5 billion in annual product sales. The beauty industry is known for being expensive, but why are lashes sales growing so exponentially?

Maybe it has something to do with the beautiful women we see on reality TV shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Love Island, and The Kardashians. Or, maybe social media influencers have pushed flirty lashes sales to the moon. We could even blame the beauty gurus on YouTube for all of their informational makeup tutorials.

But, really, is there anyone to blame? Women want to have beautiful lashes, and this isn't a bad thing. TV shows, social media, and YouTube have only taught us how to embrace the beauty resources available to us.

It all boils down to one thing: False eyelashes that make you look and feel beautiful. 

Read on to learn about the benefits of having attractive, flirty lashes!

The Psychological Benefits of Having Beautiful Lashes

Something you often forget is how hyper-aware you are of your face. When you feel as if you've enhanced a facial feature, like your lashes, you experience several psychological benefits.

Let's talk about how your psyche will benefit if you have beautiful lashes.


There's an old saying: When you look good, you feel good. Dressing up or putting on makeup boosts your confidence because it makes you feel put together.

While sweatpants may be comfortable, they don't necessarily make you want to take on the world. But the nice thing about wearing flirty girl lashes is that you can wear them with sweatpants and still feel like a boss.

Better Performance on Daily Tasks

It's statistically proven that you're more likely to get a better grade on a test when you dress nice. Putting in the extra effort with lashes helps you crush your daily tasks.

During the pandemic, it was advised that you should try to keep up with your daily routine as best as possible, even if it was from home. For a lot of women, this meant sticking to their makeup routine in the morning. Even if no one was there to see their makeup, it still helped with their productivity to have it on.

So whether you have a test in school, are gunning for a higher position at work, or are tackling some spring cleaning, wearing lashes will help you get the job done.

A Willingness to Make the First Move

This is a little bit like the confidence we talked about earlier. Except now we're talking about confidence in your dating life. When you wear beautiful lashes, you're more likely to use that confidence to take control of who you go out with.

You might ask someone out first if you're feeling especially attractive. Flirty lashes make heads turn! 

Here's the science behind this: Flirtation has a lot to do with eye contact. If you're making eye contact with someone and you know your eyes look good, you've got the upper hand.

Hey, queen. You're glowing.

Talk Flirty to Me: The Flirty Lashes

Now that we've discussed all of the psychological benefits, it's time to talk flirty. We know you want to reach all these goals! Where can you get a set of lashes that help you feel beautiful inside and out?

Enter: Flirty Lashes by Lavaa Beauty.

These lashes are:

  • Handcrafted 3D Mink Lashes
  • Reusable up to 30 wears
  • Strip lash
  • Stackable

This lash set will give you the confidence you need to succeed. They're the epitome of flirty lash extensions. They have a natural wispiness with an evenly distributed volume.

The ratio of wispiness to volume helps to achieve a sensuous yet subtle look. There's a flirtatious mix of short and longer mink hairs. These lashes are perfect if you're looking to give a prospective partner an air of mystery and sweetness when you first meet.

Or, they can help you feel confident in yourself without the validation of a partner! Whatever your personal needs and desires, these lashes will help you feel your best.

The Difference Between Flirty Lashes and Other False Lash Styles from Lavaa Beauty

You'll find that Lavaa has a lot of great lashes sets to offer. It's important to discuss what makes the Flirty Lashes Set unique. Here's a comprehensive comparison of Flirty to Lavaa's other luxury mink lashes.

Flirty vs. Angelic

Angelic is great for day-to-night wear. It has a wispiness similar to the Flirty lash, but it lacks the perfectly cultivated ratio of longer and shorter mink hairs. This makes the Angelic lashes less sensuous.

Both achieve a more natural look, but the Flirty set enhances the look to a new level.

Flirty vs. Badass

Badass has a criss-cross style. The thickness of the lashes increases from the inner corner to the outer corner for a more lifted look. The Flirty set, in comparison, is wispier.

Where the Flirty set looks good with any style of eyeshadow, the Badass might go best with a bold eyeshadow look.

Flirty vs. Classy

The Classy set is for daily wear and is designed to fit your real eyelashes well. This set enhances a daily look with an even wispiness. The Flirty set is more unique because the wispiness is distributed between longer and shorter mink hairs.

Both sets can be worn daily, but the Flirty set will kick your look up a notch if you want to get flirty.

Flirty vs. Devilish

The Devilish set is different from the Flirty set because of the length of the lashes. With the Devilish, the length starts shorter on the inner eye and gets longer as it moves to the outer eye.

The Flirty set is a more natural look because the change in lash length is subtle.

Flirty vs. Elegant

The Elegant set is one of the fullest sets the Lavaa offers. For this reason, it's great for nightwear with a more dramatic eye makeup look. This set isn't as natural as the Flirty set.

The Flirty set is more delicate, which adds a sensual side to the flirtatious look.

Flirty vs. Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker set is great for a full glam look. And it will certainly help you break hearts with its thick, dramatic v-shaped clusters. It doesn't create the soft look that the Flirty set does.

Arguably, the Heartbreaker lashes are polar opposite to the Flirty lashes. Both achieve a fantastic look, but for very different purposes.

Flirty vs. Mischief

The Mischief set is perfect for a cat-eye look. Whether you're achieving this look through makeup or the shape of your eye, these lashes complement it flawlessly.

The Flirty set looks amazing on all eye shapes, but the Mischief set is specifically great for almond-shaped eyes.

Flirty vs. Promiscuous

The Promiscuous set is very similar to the Flirty set. It has the same type of wispiness. The only difference is that the lashes get longer as you move from the inner to the outer eye.

Also, the promiscuous set is largely for natural, daily wear. The Flirty set can be used for daytime and nighttime wear.

Flirty vs. Rebel

The Rebel set is great for fox-eye, and cat-eye looks. It's much less natural than the Flirty set, as it opts for a more staggered length look. But, it gives the fox-eye and cat-eye a dramatic enhancement if that's what you're looking for.

The Flirty set is a wispier, more delicate look. The Rebel set will help you tap into your rebellious side, whereas the Flirty set will give you a flirtatious edge. The two outcomes are different, but both will lead to a big confidence boost.

Flirty vs. Sexy

The Sexy set is perfect for the smokey eye look. The fullness of this lash set extends from root to tip. This allows for a big, doll eye effect.

The Flirty set is less dramatic. However, it still works well with a smokey eye like the Sexy set. It just depends on how thick you want your lashes to be with your makeup.

Flirty vs. Sweetheart

The Sweetheart set, like the Promiscuous set, is very similar to the Flirty set. All three of these are very naturally wispy. The Sweetheart also alternates between longer and shorter mink hairs.

The difference between the Sweetheart and Flirty sets is that the Sweetheart lashes are a bit longer overall. This makes them look slightly less natural and flirtatious.

Flirty vs. Troublemaker

The Troublemaker is Lavaa's most dramatic lash set. It's very different from the Flirty set because the lashes are shorter and are placed in thicker clusters. You would wear these lashes if you were truly up to no good.

The Flirty set serves a different purpose, but they both have powerful effects on your overall confidence and look.

How Flirty Lashes Can Compliment a Whole Look

Now that you know how the Flirty set compares to other eyelash extension styles, let's talk about applying the Flirty set to your look. The Flirty set is an extremely versatile accessory. You can pair it with any eyeliner or eyeshadow style, hairstyle, outfit, or pair of shoes.


There are hundreds of effortlessly cool ways to wear eyeliner. Let's talk about some favorite styles and how Flirty lashes are perfect for any eyeliner look.


Whether it's a regular, bold wing, a stiletto wing, or a colored wing, flirty lashes can complement this look. Wings are meant to make a statement with your makeup. When you pair them with the delicate, long Flirty lash set, your eyes will stop traffic.

Smudged Frame

A smudged frame gives your entire eye a smokey look. This is a great eyeliner style for a night out. The Flirty set helps you seem both mysterious and delicate when you have a smudged frame.


Brightening your waterline with a light color makes your eyes really pop. Add the Flirty lashes set to this look, and you'll catch everyone's eye. The alternating length of the Flirty set helps further accentuate the waterline.


Now let's see how the Flirty lashes set can make a statement with different eyeshadow looks. From daytime to nighttime, Flirty lashes will have your eyes popping.

All Natural

For your day-to-day tasks, you may opt for a natural eyeshadow look. This might consist of neutral brown and pink eyeshadow palettes. Because the Flirty lash set is delicate yet bold, it fits in with these natural colors while still enhancing your beauty.


If you're heading out to a club or bar, you may decide to use a darker eyeshadow palette. This could include deep blues, purples, a smokey eye, or sparkles. The possibilities are endless, and the Flirty lashes set works with them all.

Pop of Color

There's nothing like a good pop of orange, green, pink, or red on the eyes. There are so many fun eyeshadow palettes out there for those who enjoy creating a colorful look. The Flirty lashes set is great because they let your colors shine while still helping to accentuate your lashes.


Different hairstyles do work to frame your face in unique ways. Let's talk about how Flirty lashes look with the three most standard hairstyles.


When your hair is in an updo, your face is exposed more by the pulled-back hair. You might opt for a sleek ponytail or a messy bun. Either way, the Flirty lashes set makes sure that your eyes are the center of attention when your hair is out of your face.

Half Up Half Down

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is an especially flirtatious look. It pairs well with the Flirty lashes set because the half-up part of your hair reveals your face. Your eyes can pop with your lashes, but you can still flip your hair with confidence.


Even though your hair isn't pulled out of your face when it's down, the Flirty lash set can still stand out. When your hair is down, you have the option to be a bit more alluring. This means you can bat your eyelashes while your hair falls in your face to either attract a partner or feel hot while you're at work.


There are so many styles of clothing that it would be difficult to separate them into sections. Your style might be boho, chic, professional, business casual, eclectic, skater, etc.

Regardless of your personal style, the Flirty lashes set can help you feel delicately beautiful in a casual outfit. Or, they can help you dress up a ball gown. That's the best thing about the Flirty lashes set: they're so versatile, they'll look good with essentially any look.


Shoes are fun to consider because there are some instances where women will plan their eyeshadow to match a pair of statement shoes. If this is the case, you'll probably have a combination where the shoes, eyeshadow, purse, and jewelry match.

Wearing the Flirty lashes set with a combo like this is great because it holds the attention on your eyes. But, again, the Flirty lashes look just as good with a casual pair of white sneakers.

How Do You Know You Can Trust Lavaa's Flirty Lashes?

There are a lot of companies out there that provide lashes. How do you know that you can trust Lavaa to give you the best product? Here are three ways to tell that you're getting the best of the best with Lavaa.

1. Great Customer Reviews

Under every pair of lashes that Lavaa offers, there are positive reviews about the quality of the product. If you go through and read these, you'll find that many of them mention how Lavaa lashes are their favorite on the market.

Great customer reviews reveal a lot about a company. If a buyer takes the time to leave a positive product review, this usually means that they are delighted with the service. This gives places like Lavaa credibility, which builds trust with current and future customers.

The Flirty lashes set has five stars based on reviews by verified buyers.

2. Photos on Their Website

One of the best things that Lavaa provides on its website is pictures of customers looking fabulous while wearing their lashes. This is similar to a customer review but even better because prospective customers can see what they're about to buy on other happy customers.

These photos are Instagram-worthy but still realistic. They give you an idea that you'll feel glamorous when you pick Lavaa for your lashes needs.

Along with pictures of happy customers, they also include inspirational pictures. These are there to hype you up and make you feel beautiful even without lashes on.

3. Q&A

Before you buy a product, you likely have some questions. Lavaa is great because they have a transparent Questions and Answers page on their website.

Here they answer standard questions about shipping, eyelash glue, product cruelty, and their return policy. The fact that Lavaa gives you easy access to this information means that you can trust them for great service.

A Review of the Flirty Lashes Set by Lavaa

The Flirty lashes set by Lavaa are versatile, delicate, and sure to make you look beautiful any day. They'll enhance your look and give you all the psychological benefits of looking good and feeling good.

Compared to other styles of eyelash extensions, they can be both natural and bold, depending on how you style them.

Lavaa has bundles where you can get eyelash glue with your lashes sets. Or, you can buy it separately.

Let Lavaa Lashes Help You Reach Your Beauty Goals

The Flirty lashes set is so popular it's even been featured in the popular beauty box subscription BoxyCharm. Have you decided that you want to glow up with beautiful lashes? Lavaa's got you covered.

We're here to make sure that you always look and feel your best. Our Flirty lashes set is sure to boost your confidence to the next level. Shop today, and we'll help you reach your beauty goals!

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