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Miami Lashes Vs. Flirty Lashes

Celebrity endorsements certainly carry a lot of weight today, particularly when they are marketing a product online. Naturally, people want to try to look like their favorite celebrities and wear the similar clothes, shoes and make-up that they see on the red carpet or in interviews. While there is certainly nothing wrong with replicating their looks, the products may not necessarily always be the best choice to make. With all of the choices out there available to you today in terms of false eyelashes, you may want to be sure if Miami lashes or Flirty lashes are the best ones for you.

Check out All Your Options

There are so many different eyelash brands on the market today that it can be difficult for you to pick one to use. Naturally, the lashes that get the most exposure may be likely to get more orders or turn up higher in Internet searches, but this does not necessarily make them the best for you in particular. You want to take a close look at the brands you consider so you can be sure you are getting high quality lashes like those we sell at Lavaa Beauty. Our lashes are made from natural mink hair that gives you the best and most natural look and feel; providing you with thick, luscious lashes you deserve.

Miami Lashes

How Are Lilly Lashes Miami & Lavaa's Flirty Different?

Both Miami and Flirty are stunning lashes but its all about finding the perfect lash to best fit your eye-shape and style. Miami is generally a fuller and more dramatic Doll Eye lash, versus Lavaa Beauty's Flirty lash which is a similar style but a little bit shorter and more natural looking. With this, a more natural lash generally fits more eye shapes because it isn't overpowering your natural eye shape, as it is just enhancing what you already have. 


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If you want to see a great selection of false eyelashes that compare well to Miami lashes then see our selection at our website at At Lavaa Beauty we offer a large selection of 3D mink eyelashes as well as premium Faux Mink so that you get the prettiest natural look for your lashes. Take a look at the different styles we have available today and choose the one that will be perfect for you for that next special party or night on the town.
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