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Valentine’s Day Made Complete with The Lavaa Babes

One of our favorite holidays is just around the corner! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show off your lashes from your new Lavaa Babes Set. This collection includes Angelic, Sweetheart, and the famous Heartbreaker lashes. It’s perfect for flirty occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and vacations with your girl friends! 

The Angelic Lash

Wispy, flirty, and super fun! We love wearing the Angelic lash on Valentine’s Day. Our light pink and red tones complement these full and fluffy lashes so well. A medium to light pink eyeshadow and a medium to full brow looks incredible with the Angelic lash. What we love about the versatile Angelic lash is that they look beautiful against any skin tone and hair color. They are certainly one of our most effortless, gorgeous, and super flirty looks. If you’re new to false lashes, we recommend trying the Lavaa Babes set as they include the Angelic lash. The level of volume and fluffy, wispy lashes are perfect for beginners!

Heartbreaker Lashes 

The Heartbreaker lash is our famous, most popular lash for a reason. We can’t imagine the Lavaa Babes without them! These full, 100% mink hairs are dense, yet you can identify each lash for an ultra-defined, glamorous look. Turn heads this Valentine’s Day with Heartbreaker lashes and your pink and red palettes. We love seeing Lavaa Lashes fans get creative with their Valentine’s makeup. We’ve seen some absolutely stunning heart-themed eyeshadow and rosy red cheeks. The Heartbreaker lashes are the ideal Valentine’s lash because they’re super cute yet super sexy. The 3D v-shaped clusters of 100% mink lashes are unlike any lash you’ve tried before. Be sure to tag us in your glam looks on Instagram for a chance to be featured: @lavaabeauty 

The Sweetheart Lash

The name says it all! The Sweetheart lashes are perfect for Valentine’s Day. You’ll be an absolute doll in these extra long, wispy lashes. They’re longer on the outer edge of your eyes to mimic your natural lashes and add volume and depth. Because they’re full and extra long, we love a subtle pink and light red eyeshadow with these lashes. Just like the Heartbreaker lashes, all the attention will be drawn to your eyes and the lighter eyeshadows compliment and highlight them beautifully. 

Lash Accessories For Your Prettiest Valentine’s Yet 

Our lashes aren’t just incredibly gorgeous, they stay on for hours and hours! Though it takes a little practice and the right tools from Lavaa Lashes to keep them looking perfect. You’ll want our 5-star Lavaa Lashes Eyelash Adhesive to keep them in place all day or all night long. This highly rated adhesive is easy to use and doesn’t leave behind a goopy mess like many drugstore brands. Step up your tool game and make the application process much easier and far more efficient. 

Find Your Glam Look Before Valentine’s Day 

Our lashes, especially the lashes from the Lavaa Babes, are curly and fluffy on their own. We do however, make a Lavaa Lashes eyelash curler which can be used on false lashes and mascara lashes. 

The Lavaa Babes, which includes three of our most popular lashes, sells out fast so be sure to get your Sweetheart, Angelic, and Heartbreaker lashes before Valentine’s Day! 

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