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FREE Fast Shipping on U.S. orders over $65+

How Multi-Dimensional Lashes Make a Difference to Your Look!

You may not realize it, but the way your eyelashes look gets a lot of notice. You can spend time getting the best hairstyle, wearing the right dress and shoes, or having the best manicure, but if your eyes and your lashes do not get the right attention, you may need to level up your lash game.. It doest matter what types of natural lashes you have, you can always add to your look with luxury lashes. All you need to do is determine the best  Multi-Dimensional Lash for your eye. You can take a look at our selection on 

Providing the Lash Depth You Want

The various false eyelashes you will find here with us at Lavaa Beauty will give your lashes the depth and a natural look that you have been looking for. Choose the lashes that will give you a layered, wispy, and sultry look whether you're going for a long or short lash, there are endless styles to choose from!

Standing Out with Multi Dimensional Lashes

When you choose a multi-dimensional lash from Lavaa Beauty, you can make your eyes stand out like never before. The layered lash effect from our false eyelashes give your lashes extra body and volume. You will definitely be turning heads 24/7 with any of our styles. It's easy to get length and volume without the hassle. All of Lavaa Beauty's luxury lashes are easy to apply with our bendable and malleable lash band to easily fit to your personal lash line.

Order Your 3D Lashes

If you want to have unlock a multi-dimensional lash look for any occasion, make sure to search for your dream false eyelashes. Our selection consists of Faux Mink, Luxury Mink, Petite Mink, and Corner Lashes.

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