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What Are 3D Eyelashes and Why Should You Wear Them?

There's nothing like the feeling when you put on your favorite set of mink eyelashes. It transforms you into a gorgeous goddess who's ready to stop the crowd.

And, while any voluminous and fluffy eyelashes can make you feel like a queen, there's nothing like 3D eyelashes for truly taking your look to the next level. With 3D faux mink lashes, your eyes will really pop.

So, if you're interested in learning more about what 3D eyelashes are and why these are some of the best eyelashes out there, keep reading. We're here with a quick guide on these eyelashes and why you should wear them.

The Lowdown on 3D Eyelashes

Let's start off by looking at what 3D eyelashes are. That way, you'll have a better understanding of why these eyelashes are worth using instead of your regular falsies!

3D eyelashes have been around for a while now, but when they first came out, they were so expensive that only celebrities could afford them. One of the first celebrities to rock this type of falsie was Jennifer Lopez, who really got the trend started.

3D eyelashes are more volumizing than regular fake eyelashes because they have layered, fuzzy ends that stop them from laying flat against the eye. Because of that, they open up at the end of the eyelash and look fuller and bouncier.

Another important feature of 3D lashes is that they're made by hand. They're created from a mix of short and long hairs which create that voluminous and feathery look you love. Thanks to the unique way they're created, they're the perfect option for achieving extra drama.

The Benefits of 3D Eyelashes

There are many different benefits to wearing 3D eyelashes. That's why this false eyelash style has quickly become one of the more popular choices for falsies on the market today.

For one, 3D lashes hold a curl much better than classic lashes. That means that you're able to shape your eyelashes better and keep the shape intact for a longer period of time.

Another benefit of 3D eyelashes is that they're fairly low maintenance. While some voluminous eyelashes require extra glue to keep them on, 3D eyelashes aren't top heavy but still pile on the drama.

Finally, 3D eyelashes are a popular choice because they can fill out your natural eyelash easily. If you have particularly sparse eyelashes, 3D lashes can get you a natural-looking touch of volume.

The 3D Eyelash Difference

One common false eyelash question is what the difference is between 3D eyelashes and regular mink eyelashes. and, the answer is pretty straightforward!

3D eyelashes, like the name implies, have three times the volume on them. They give a dense look that's perfect for filming, event makeup, and photography.

To make sure that the lashes successfully adhere to your eyelid, you'll want to seamlessly blend them with your natural lashes. The stronger your natural lashes are, the easier it will be for these volumizing eyelashes to stay on.

How to Apply 3D Eyelashes

If you're wanting to get started applying your 3D eyelashes, you can follow a pretty straightforward process. This makes it easier than ever to achieve the look that you're going for and get those wow factor lashes.

Choose Your Lashes

To get started, select the 3D eyelashes you want. Eyelashes come in several different sizes, typically ranging from 9mm to 15mm. They'll also come in different curl tightness, so you'll want to choose a curl that you're comfortable with.

Trim the 3D Eyelashes

Now that you've got your eyelash length selected, it's time to trim them. You want to make sure that the falsies are the same length as your eyelid. This will help you avoid irritation from the ends of the falsies.

Apply the Lash Glue

Next, apply the lash glue to the spine of the fake eyelashes. Make sure to use the glue sparsely. A little goes a long way, and the less that you use, the smoother your lash application will be.

Place the Eyelash

Once the glue is tacky, it's time to place the lash on your eyelid. You should look down at the mirror to make sure that your eyelid is smooth and wrinkle-free. This will help the falsies stick to your eyelid better.

Blend the Band

The last step to applying your new 3D lases is to blend the band with your eyelid. To do so, use a touch of eyeliner to conceal the eyelash band and make it look natural against your eyelid.

Caring for 3D Lashes

To care for your 3D eyelashes, you can follow a pretty straightforward process. This is one of the many reasons why people love using 3D mink eyelashes to enhance their look!

If you're getting your eyelashes applied as semi-permanent extensions, you should make sure that you're getting them touched up every 2 weeks. This will help keep them from making your eyelashes look sparse.

If you're simply wearing at-home 3D eyelashes, all you need to do is avoid water as well as oily and liquid-based make-up. When removing your makeup, steer clear of oil-based makeup removers to keep the lashes looking their best,

Get the Perfect Eyelashes

As you can see, 3D eyelashes are an amazing way to take your lashes to a whole new level. They provide you with drama, volume, and glamor that really makes your eye makeup stand out.

If you're ready to order a pair of your very own 3D eyelashes, the team at Lavaa has got you covered. Get in touch or shop online to order now and get started rocking your 3D lash set!

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