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What to Know about Lash Extensions Before Getting Them

If your natural eyelashes are a feature you are less-than-thrilled about, you should know that you have options available to you to help you with enhancement. You want to take the time to find the options that are best for you and that you are most comfortable with wearing. While some women may prefer to opt for false eyelashes or falsies, other women may want to go for eyelash extensions. There are some things that you may want to know about eyelash extensions before you decide on the best option for yourself.

Eyelash Extensions Have To Be Applied By A Pro

When you get extensions, they are not attached to your eyes in the same way that false eyelashes are attached. While false eyelashes are glued on at the strip to your eye line, extensions are attached to each individual hair of your existing eyelashes. False eyelashes can be applied easily with glue and go over your natural lashes while extensions need to be properly affixed to each lash. This can be a time-consuming process so that the extensions blend in naturally with your own eyelashes.

A More Expensive Option

Eyelash extensions are also a much more expensive option than false eyelashes. Because of the nature of what the extensions are and how they must be applied, extensions need to be handled by a professional at a salon or spa. Most extensions can easily cost you two hundred dollars or more, and this may not include the charges for the professional. You will also need to go for touch ups to keep the extensions looking right while they are on, costing you more money. Since the extensions shed off with your natural lashes, there is no telling how long they will last and maintenance regularly (every few weeks) may be needed to make them last a while.

The Better Choice for You

While some women are perfectly comfortable with eyelash extensions, most find that false eyelashes can be the better way to go. When you want high-quality false eyelashes that look great, last long and are very reasonably priced, you want to make sure you come to us at Lavaa Beauty. You can see the different looks we have available in our quality mink hair lashes when you come to our website at Take a look at all of our options so you can find the lashes that give you the beautiful, luscious look you want for your eyes.
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