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International Women's Day With Lavaa Beauty

Hi Lavaa Babes! This week is a little different.. If you haven’t heard, it is Women’s Month and more specifically International Women’s day on March 8th! We wanted to take a moment and appreciate some strong boss women around us by designating this post to our fellow babes.

First order of business is appreciating THE boss babe of Lavaa, our founder, who has built a little empire of her own which allowed unity of women on social media and in the work place. Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected ladies, so take the leap. We want to appreciate and remind each and every one of you boss babes out there who work hard every day and hustle to make ends meet while simultaneously making your dreams come true, we know the struggle. Remember that you should feel appreciated not only today or this month but every day, every month and every year. You are here to SLAY, okay?? We see your stunning one of a kind looks on the gram, we see the hard work you put out there, we see your work ethic and we LOVE it. Keep creating and never stop, there will be failures and doubts, but from that comes ultimate growth and bad bitch behavior, so go get it girl.

Speaking of badass boss babes we had to list a few baddies that are at the top of that list..

Jlo baby, come on who else does it like her? No one, but remember she was just Jenny from the Block at one point and she made her way by appreciating where she came from.

Next, Cardi B who may seem new to us in the past few years but this girl hustled hard for so long, it took everything she had to get what she dreamt of, and she kills it, while encouraging women of all ages to win.

We have to include Kim Kardashian.. The whole family has produced empires for generations to come. Kim being the first to really kick off the family with her captivating beauty line, that includes body makeup for women and men who have exczema and scarring, to creating a shape wear brand that fits women from a size 00 to 14.

There are so many boss women out there in the limelight but we would be sitting here all day discussing what we love about them. Make sure to think about the women you look up to, and thank the strong women in your life for raising you, and being there for you when no one else was.

We at Lavaa individually strive to always put our best foot forward and show you our favorite products and new arrivals, etc. but today were appreciating the little triumphs that lead to big victories. Lavaa came to be because of an idea put in motion. All you need is an idea/dream and the willpower to make it happen. We are so appreciative of everyone that works with us, alongside us, and genuinely supports us.

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