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The fascination and obsession with eyelashes did not start in modern times because ancient societies thought of them as an excellent quality of beauty. Both women and men would use kohl and cork to darken them and make their faces more appealing on a rather plain face.

Modern society has come a long way since the creation of false lashes, and we now have mink and faux lashes, which are much better than synthetic ones. Here is all you need to know about 3D fluffy mink lashes and how they look different.

Everything About Mink Lashes

What Are Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes are made of Siberia fur, which is shed off when brushing the tail. Manufacturers dye, handcraft and treat the lashes to make them safe to wear. Initially, mink lashes cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars but have become more affordable and available for a couple of dollars. We think anyone who uses synthetic lashes will appreciate the soft and shiny look that comes with mink lashes because they look so much better and will last longer than most synthetic lashes.

Reasons To Consider Using Mink Lashes

They Are More Natural

The intent of wearing fake lashes is to enhance your lashes and not create the clustered and chunky mess that comes with synthetic ones. Mink 3D lashes are the better option because they are soft and mimic human hair, so they are easily the closest thing to your lashes.

More Comfortable

Synthetic lashes are heavy and weigh down the eye because they are heavier materials. The discomfort of wearing synthetic lashes makes it challenging to keep them on for longer and could even impede your vision in windier and more aggressive climates. Faux mink lashes are the complete opposite because they are so light, and you may even forget that you have them on during the day. Moreover, wearing mascara will not add to the weight, so you can glam them up as much or as little as necessary.

They Are More Durable

Synthetic lashes last a shorter period, while mink lashes are the opposite, hence why they cost so much more. Typically, a pair will get you up to 30 uses, while the synthetic ones are only good for up to five uses. It makes sense to buy mink lashes to increase durability and get the most of your initial investment. Our range of luxury mink lashes have a relatively solid construction, and you should be able to keep them in use for much longer, so they are natural and beautiful for their entire lifespan. Another benefit you may get from this is that they will look symmetrical for longer because there is less shedding and patchy damage.

They Are Safer

Unfortunately, some people develop the worst teary eyes or infections because they use synthetic lashes. Mink lashes are ultra-gentle on your natural eye, and you should be able to maintain them for the entire day without developing any problems.

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