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Selecting the Perfect Eyelash Glue

One of the biggest challenges eyelash artists face is selecting the right lash glue. Ideally, the glue should dry fast, work on both classic and volumizing lashes, have great retention, have low fume, and work on all skin types, right? However, it is impossible to find a single glue that meets all the characteristics.

In reality, selecting the ideal lash glue for you will depend on a variety of factors. Is a combination of client characteristics, your work environment, and your skills as an eyelash artist. You should know these key factors, so you know how to select the glue that's right for you.

Top-5 Factors to Consider in Selecting eyelash adhesive

  1. Environmental Humidity

The acrylic resin that forms the eyelash adhesive is a product of the contact of environmental humidity with cyanoacrylate (the base of all the best eyelash glues). Consequently, the drying time will depend on the relative humidity (RH) of your workplace. Ideally, the humidity should be between 45% and 55%. If it is below 30%, you can buy a humidifier, and if it is above 80% a dehumidifier to achieve ideal humidity levels.

  1. Storage

The place where you store the adhesive is critical to maintaining the conditions of the product. Keep in mind that any contact of the glue with moisture will activate the cyanoacrylate and damage the product (so storing it in a refrigerator may not be the best option). A Love Shack would be the ideal container to store your glues, as it will keep them away from moisture. With the help of a silica packet, they can be there for up to 6 weeks.

  1. Gluing Speed

You must take into account your working speed, and your gluing ability when choosing the glue. Keep in mind that if you select the glue based solely on “high humidity”, for example, but your working speed is slow, the glue will cure prematurely. So if you are a new artist, it is always better to choose thicker glues. That way you will have enough time to work without the glue curing prematurely.

  1. Insulation Ability

Another key factor to consider is your ability to insulate the lashes. Keep in mind that good insulation is the backbone of an eyelash service. Make sure that when you insulate the natural lash, it is really insulated. You can check this by counting to 2 after you attach the lash, and the pull it. If the lash pulls out when you pull, you should apply more glue. On the other hand, if it moves when you pull, you should reduce the amount of product.

  1. Client Characteristics

To choose the lash adhesive you should consider two characteristics of the client's lashes. First, consider the porosity of the eyelash, i.e. the amount of moisture the hair follicle can hold. Also, you should consider the hair type of your client's eyelashes. There are different types: fine, thick/sharp, smooth/straight, textured, among others. Depending on each type, you should choose a different viscosity of the glue.

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