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Most of us go through phases when we like a lot of different shapes and sizes of nails, from the short and stubby ones to stiletto nails and even dabbling with short stubby square nails. The road to finding your best kind of nails is not always straightforward, but you can learn one or two things that make sure the acrylic fingernails' online designs turn out flawless.

A Comparison Of Short And Long Nails on artificial nails for sale

Which Are Safer?

When choosing between long and short nails, there are many things to consider, such as the tendency to hurt yourself by scratching or other accidents. Short nails are better if you have a lot to do with your hands or handle fragile things like babies, medical patients, and beauty clients. Short nails will not bother you when you are doing routine house chores and are the better option if you want to be comfortable with yourself for many different things.


Should you have any hygiene concerns? Hygiene is the primary consideration when comparing short and long nails because longer ones are harder to clean off. It is much easier to dust off and scrape the bottoms of the shorter nails, especially when dealing with food items and other sensitive items. Short nails mean you do not have to worry about bacteria overgrowth, but you can also get the longer ones if you do not contact many things that could trigger a breeding ground.


How many times do you have to deal with breaking nails? The experience could be different if you already know how to work around things with longer nails. On the other hand, people who are only used to short nails will take a while to be accustomed to longer ones and could go through a phase when they are getting themselves in severe accidents.

The worst cases are that you will break the entire nail and also harm your natural nails in the process. Lavaa has all sizes and lengths of nails, so you can start on any of them and slowly get used to the longer ones. Do not get carried away with trends on social media because we promise you that you can look good with just about any of our false nails and accessories designs for all the different shapes and lengths.


What do you do regularly, and how can you make sure you make the nails more realistic? Do you use a musical instrument? Are you always in the gym? Do you work in a trendy beauty shop? All of these situations will warrant you to get different types of nails, so be sure to consider all of them to find your sweet spot.

Overall, you want to research the different kinds of acrylic nails on sale and use images to make sure you have a comprehensive perception of each nail type. Gather inspiration online to figure out which style is the most appealing, and you will eventually find something that flatters you. Check out our store for more details and to shop nails online.

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