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FREE Fast Shipping on U.S. orders over $65+

5 Feel Good Products 💅🏼

We know that the beauty industry can be overwhelming especially now.. But we have 5 products that just make you feel put together and clean 24/7. Since starting Lavaa Beauty we have expanded our collection to create a full look using all of our products, and if you're anything like us we love a no makeup, makeup look and natural glam for our more put together days. 

Let's start with what we know best. Our lashes! We are in love with corner lashes as all o you know, but we also recommend our Independent Individuals so let's just consider these two products since you need both if you're a natural girl!

Clean brows are a must whether you have thick bushy brows or thin brows that you fill in. We are die hard fans of our Lavaa Beauty Brow Wax, and pairing it with our Dual Brow Brush for an easy application and sleek brows for everyday! Our Brow Wax formula is perfect for any season as it doesn't melt off, create flakiness or leave your brows feeling dry. All you need is a little bit, and it goes a long way. 

Everyone needs a good lash adhesive, but have you seen one that doubles as a pigmented black liner? Our Black Dual Liner really gives us the perfect winged liner every time as well as the perfect adhesion for our lashes, keeping them on all day and night. This technology is a life-saver especially when you're traveling and needing to save space in your makeup bag!

Lastly, We are always having fun picking out nails for different days of the week but sometimes we just want our classic natural French nails, such as (long) French Kiss, (long) Ombré French and (short) Nude Life!

Beauty doesn't have to be overwhelming, you just need your 5 go to staples to keep your full look together, for any occasion and any season. Personally we keep our Lavaa Makeup Bag full of these just in case they're needed at a photoshoot or a last minute trip! We want to see all of you rock these over on our social medias, make sure to tag us @lavaabeauty on IG and on TikTok!

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